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Guyana: My memories of Queen’s College (“Cue See”) – By Geoff Burrowes

  By Geoff Burrowes: 

Those who know her and love her refer to Queen’s College as “Cue see”,(QC) our Alma Mater! I expected from an early age to go there as it was my father’s school. But the road there was not going to be so easy!

I went to Wray High School to prepare for the entrance exam but my time at Wray did not end well so I did extra lessons with an excellent educator, Miss Bobb. In spite of her excellence when I took the entrance exam I failed.

QC at the time was a brooding three story cream wooden building on Brickdam and Vlissingen Road and I was thoroughly intimidated by its stately grandeur and the years of history in its hallowed halls! I was beaten before I ever took the exam and was not surprised when the result was a fail.          Continue reading

Guyana: Modern Diamond to Ogle road designed to include future rail system

“So, you don’t have to dig up back the road, dig up the cable and everything else.    Continue reading

US Politics: Actually, Robert Mueller Was Awesome – Renato Mariotti | Politico

History will show that he had one big goal, and nailed it.

Renato Mariotti | Politico

Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony has been described as “excruciatingly awkward”, “confused”, “struggling” and “a stammering, stuttering mess.”

I saw something completely different. From my perspective, after six hours of testimony, it was the 74-year-old career prosecutor and law enforcement officer who won the day. IT WASN’T THAT CLOSE.     Continue reading

Guyana: Roger Khan expected back in Guyana in two to three weeks

Roger Khan, who was released from a US prison almost one month ago after serving near to ten years of a 15-year sentence for drug trafficking is expected to be back in Guyana within the next two to three weeks once the request for the issuance of his emergency travel documents is approved.

Contacted today, his local attorney Glenn Hanoman told Stabroek News that he has been in contact with Khan who recently indicated to him his expectations of being back in Guyana soon.

“…..I spoke to him (Khan), I think two days ago and he said to me that he believes that he will be back within two to three weeks,” Hanoman noted.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: 50,000 registered during house-to-house registration

  • CEO says dogs set on some GECOM staffers

Lowenfield told reporters yesterday that there have been instances where persons have let loose dogs on enumerators and told GECOM staff that they will not be paid.  “We continue to have challenges in operationalising the event.      Continue reading

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