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USA: Happy Independence Day – July 4, 2019

Happy Fourth of July USA Flag

Guyana: No custodial sentence for 30 grams of ganja or less – Cabinet

Possession remains an offence; however, persons will not be sentenced to terms of imprisonment as in the past, the release said.

This is the first of several steps that government intends to take as it considers the recently submitted Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Report on the use of marijuana, and in particular, “usages by our Rastafarian brothers and sisters who require it for use in their worship and sacrament”.

The decision comes after a long period of lobbying of the government by the Rastafarian  community and key members of the governing partner, the AFC.


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Analysis: Something Stopped Trump From Striking Iran, and It Wasn’t 150 Lives

U.S. president says he aborted an attack on Iran out of concern for civilians, but his real fear is what one attack could spiral into

  Zvi Bar’el | Haaretz

U.S. President Donald Trump’s flip-flopping over three days may be the most important calming signal that the Middle East has received recently. It was said that all the major ingredients that could justify an American military offensive against Iran had come together.

Things had come to a boil in the Persian Gulf when Saudi, Japanese and other tanker ships were damaged in naval attacks. Without decisive proof, Iran was suggested as the culprit. And Yemini Houthis fired missiles into Saudi Arabia – into Jizan province and at an airfield in Abha – prompting battle cries against Iran.      Continue reading

Guyana Goldfields Inc suspends operations at Aurora mine after strike

Guyana Goldfields Inc’s Aurora gold mine Region Seven. (GGI photo)

Canadian miner Guyana Goldfields Inc today announced a suspension of operations at its Aurora, Region Seven mine site after a `wild cat’ strike.

In a statement, Guyana Goldfields said that a section of the workforce employed by the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, AGM Inc. has blocked delivery of ore to the mill.          Continue reading

History: Migration and Empire ‘should be taught in English schools’

Race equality thinktank calls for lessons to be made compulsory in secondary schools

The ‘Empire Windrush’ arriving from Jamaica, 1948.
Photo: The Runnymede Trust says the Windrush scandal has exposed a ‘shocking lack of understanding’ about the winding up of the empire. Photograph: Daily Herald Archive/SSPL via Getty Images 

The government is being urged to make lessons on migration, belonging and empire mandatory in every secondary school in England.

The Runnymede Trust, a race equality thinktank, said last year’s Windrush scandal had exposed a “shocking lack of understanding” at government level about the winding up of the empire.



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