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The Crisis Gripping The World’s Most Dangerous Waterway – By Paul Knott | The New European

  • IRAN and its strategic capability to close the Strait of Hormuz

Paul Knott | The New European

Donald Trump shows no signs of being a student of history. Let’s allow that his recent reference to the capture of “airports” by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War against Britain in the late 18th century was a slip of the tongue.

More serious is his reckless policy towards Iran, which suggests he knows nothing of the ‘Tanker War’, which occurred in the Persian Gulf between 1984 and 1987.

Indeed, given the much-documented chaos in his administration, one wonders whether anyone in the White House is bearing past precedents in mind when developing current strategy. This omission matters because the looming repeat of a battle targeting commercial shipping could cause immense human and economic damage.  (See map below)      Continue reading

Annual Leguan Picnic & Family Reunion #29 – Toronto – July 27, 2019

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