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GECOM to begin house-to-house registration on July 20. 2019

– Opposition Leader says it is illegal according to CCJ orders

There is another development now that is likely to pit the Coalition Government and the Opposition on another collision course.

GECOM, in a recent publication in the Official Gazette, announced that it will start house-to-house registrations from Saturday, July 20, 2019. The exercise is set to conclude on October 20.        Continue reading

Guyana: Mountain community: Paramakatoi in Region 8 gets water

Guyana Map – Regions

DPI, Added 16 July 2019.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Paramakatoi residents in Region 8, will soon reap the benefits of a very complex project that began in 2017 to provide easy access to potable water for the community.

The project, which was initiated through the signing of an Memorandum of Understanding between the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and the village council, is now at an advanced stage where testing of the water system has commenced.

Dr Van West-Charles, accompanied by technical personnel, on Sunday, went to Paramakatoi, (Potaro-Siparuni) Region 8 and trekked through the jungle to get a first-hand look of the recently completed water system so as to ensure all systems are in place for distribution to the community and for commissioning.        Continue reading

Commentary: My Guyana – By: Cora Bollers-Watson

My Guyana – By: Cora Bollers-Watson

Guyana, my Guyana that I grew up in and remember, was a country of mixed nationalities, seven altogether. We were a friendly, fun loving people, where neighbours and even strangers looked out for each other.

Of course, as is customary among the human race, we as children and even adults had our disagreements, but nothing lasted forever, no weapons were used.

We were brought up to speak properly and respect our elders.  We acquired so many aunties and uncles, friends of our parents that one never knew where real family ended, and the adopted ones began.

READ MORE: My Guyana – By Cora Bollers-Watson

Analysis: Trump’s ‘Go Home’ Invective Echoes Nazi Incitement Against Jews

The U.S. president may be Earl of Israel who deserves his own Book in the Bible – but he is also a Prince of Prejudice, Marquis of Malice and Viscount of Venom

By Chemi Shalev | Haaretz

In 1938, the German company Gunther and Co. came out with its brand-new board game, “Juden Raus” – Jews Out. Participants in the game, which became immensely popular, had to extract Jewish citizens from their German cities to “concentration points”, over which hung a banner reading “Auf nach Palästina!” – Off to Palestine. The first player to successfully relocate six Jews from Germany to Palestine was the winner.

The creation of the game had nothing to do with the Nazi Party or its officials, who actually protested that it did not sufficiently highlight their own stupendous achievements.                    Continue reading

Criticism does not necessarily equate to disloyalty – By Mohamed Hamaludin


From the time I learned about the United States of America, I became enchanted by this magical nation that was so vastly different from my native Guyana that it could have been on another planet. Much of my impression came from movies and, to a less extent, newspapers and magazines as I grew older; there was no television in Guyana at the time.

That impression strengthened after I was selected a fellow in the now long-defunct work-study-travel Foreign Journalist Project sponsored by the State Department.        Continue reading

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