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Cricket World Cup: Reflective Evening at Lord’s Tavern – London UK – August 9, 2019

Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada: Summer Picnic: Pickering ON: August 17, 2019

Petro-dollars can fuel Guyana’s escape from coming global warming catastrophe – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Petro-dollars can fuel Guyana’s escape from coming global warming catastrophe


  • The title of Thomas Wolfe’s posthumous 1940 novel says, “You Can’t Go Home Again.”
  • But you can try.
  • I did.
  •  Wolfe was right.

I visited my native Guyana recently for my dearest friend’s funeral. The trip took me to the capital Georgetown, where I had worked for about a decade and a half as a journalist, then to my friend’s house several miles away and to Essequibo County, where I was born and spent much of my life, eight years as a schoolteacher.

This was my second visit back since immigrating to the United States in 1984, the first in about  20 years later. It was an eye-opener.      Continue reading

USA Politics: Could Obama’s Legacy be Biden’s Elegy? By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

 As former Vice President Joe Biden utilizes President Obama’s esteemed status among Democratic voters, as the means of protecting himself from the plethora of candidates jockeying to be the next White House occupant, could he be proclaiming his elegy. In the past few weeks as the presidential race and pace quickened, the Democratic forerunner has had the legacy used against him.

Joe Biden

But in recent weeks, the Democratic front runner has had that legacy used against him, with his competitors highlighting the failings of the last Democratic administration, as evidence that the Vice lacks the spice, and is certainly not up to the task of leading the next one. While evidence abounds that President Obama personally was popular with the Democratic voters, at the same time there is an increasing awareness that income and wealth inequality, climate crisis, and deportations etcetera increased during his eight year term in office.    Continue reading

Guyana Heritage Foundation – Seattle: Family Fun Day #15 – Kent, WA – August 11, 2019

Guyana Family Fun Day Flyer – Sunday, August 11, 2019 @ Van Doren’s Landing Park : Kent, WA

PO BOX 1414
LYNNWOOD, WA  98046-1414

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