Dave Chowtie of Graham’s Hall Primary and Venisha Lall of CV Nunes Primary are this year’s top students at the Grade Six examinations with 532 marks out of a maximum of 536.       

This was announced this morning by the Ministry of Education.

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NGSA 2019 – TOP 1% LIST


1News Guyana – 03 July 2019

Minister of Education Nicolette Henry announced that Dave Chowtie from Graham’s Hall Primary and Venisha Lall from C.V Nunes have been adjudged this year’s top students  with 532 marks out of a possible score of 536. He was awarded a place at Queen’s College.

A total of 14, 300 candidates wrote the NGSA on April 17 and 18 2019. Minister Henry noted that there was improvement in Mathematics in the various regions. Candidates gained places in the top five secondary schools from across the various administrative regions in Guyana, She also noted that there is more competition between public and private schools.     

Minister Henry congratulated all the students who wrote the exams and thanked the parents and the education administration for their efforts in ensuring the students’ success.

Along with the announcement of the top performers today, pupils will also be able to view their scores online by providing their respective candidate number and other details. This assessment marks the completion of the primary education programme and determines which secondary institution these students will be placed at.

However, prior to this, the students had to write the National Grades Two and Four Assessments back in 2012 and 2014 respectively. A percentage of the marks from all three assessments is calculated to determine the overall performance of each student.

The NGSA performance is calculated by adding five per cent of each candidate’s Grade Two scores in mathematics and English, and 10 per cent of the Grade Four score in the same subjects.

This is then added to a further 85 per cent of each candidate’s score in those subjects at the Grade Six Assessment. The combined scores in mathematics and English are then added to the scores gained in science and social studies.


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