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Floods: Is the worse yet to come? – Mahaicony residents fear more high tides

Residents along the coastland in the Mahaicony District are not convinced that the worst is over, even though the last high tide was supposed to be on Wednesday October 02, 2019.

The ocean near the Bellamy Canal.

 Rocks on the seashore.

They have been watching the water levels and have observed a rise between the 06:00 and 08:00 hours yesterday morning, when a reporter of this publication attempted to venture out to the seashore to observe the extent of the “breach” of the sea defence.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: PPP virtually endorses WPA’s cash transfers to poor: Hinds warns APNU of losing votes

Oil rig

The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Thursday virtually endorsed the Working People’s Alliance’s (WPA) proposal of direct cash transfer of some projected oil revenues, but preferring to target the poor and needy instead of all just over 200,000 households across Guyana.

“In fact, in our manifesto, we are going to be talking about conditional transfers, targeted transfers to vulnerable groups right at the beginning. We have to help single parents, we have to help children, we have to help the older people first and as our capacity grows and we get more money – we constantly have to see that it’s sustainable though.          Continue reading

Georgetown. Guyana: The Popular Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street for sale

Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street

Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street

After a court battle over the ownership of the building housing the popular Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street concluded last year, owner Deodat Persaud has decided to sell.

An advertisement in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek announced the sale and Persaud, who said, “Shanta’s is a national institution and has good history in Guyana,” confirmed that he was selling.          Continue reading

Caribbean Airlines announces layaway plan for flights out of Guyana, Trinidad

Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlines

(Trinidad Newsday) Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has announced a new promotion called Caribbean Layaway, an interest-free layaway plan, which allows passengers travelling within a two to six month period, the opportunity to pay for their flights on a phased basis.

It means passengers can now hold a reservation with a 25 per cent deposit.        Continue reading

TOURISM: UK: Tour Operator Thomas Cook Declares Bankruptcy after 178 years

By Adrian Loveridge – Barbados

It would be extremely disingenuous while still in the UK not to comment on the demise of the world’s first and iconic tour operator who was established 178 years ago, Thomas Cook.

Right up until midnight on the 22nd September their website gave every indication to hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers that it was ‘business as usual’. Then, as I followed events, in the dead of night at 2.03am (local time) the following alarming message met those visiting their website.      Continue reading

US Politics: Impeachment will provide a test of Trump’s true support- By Mohamed Hamaludin


Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has begun impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, it is worth repeating that this is a man who has boasted that he could shoot someone and get away with it, who bragged about sexually assaulting women, who is accused of sleeping with an adult film star and a Playboy model and paying them to keep quiet and who encouraged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails. All of this was known but still he was elected president.      Continue reading