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Opinion: The Real Reason for Trump’s Meltdowns – By Paul Brandus | MarketWatch

 Paul Brandus | MarketWatch

It’s easy to see why President Trump’s latest meltdown — on display for all to see in the East Room last Wednesday — makes it easy for commentators to say that the 73-year-old man has lost his marbles. He’s “unhinged,” they say with an exaggerated amount of glee.

You can decide for yourself whether this is so. Meantime, I’ll offer some additional thoughts that may help explain his behavior.

I’ve said this before: Trump spent most of his life as the CEO of a privately held company. Yes, there were those disastrous years between 1995 and 2004 when Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts was a public company – investors lost about 90% of their money.      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: We have not been idle! More work to do… give us the chance! – President Granger.

Linden PNC 62nd Anniversary Rally

Guyana: There is a shortage of US dollars in the streets: Selling price to over $230.

Bank of Guyana Building.

Yesterday, the different cambios were selling for as high as $233 for one US dollar.
It would be highest in years with knowledgeable persons predicting that the situation will only get worse.

At the banks, the exchange rate for wire transfers was $218. In fact, the commercial banks had significant funds to conduct and make payments for businesses.

It was on the road that the problems existed.              Continue reading

The Writer’s Life: Juggling Priorities – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Since entering the world of book publishing, marketing and sales, I’m now engaged in a daily battle of juggling priorities. My focus has become so scattered that I’ve fallen behind with my writing projects. Hopefully, I’ll come up soon with a new working schedule that would provide some balance and reduce my stress.

It’s not all bad, though. At our writers’ critique group meeting on September 4th, I presented a copy of my novel to the owner of Gloria’s Café. For the past five years, our group has been meeting once monthly at Gloria’s where we enjoy their Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine.

Rosaliene presenting copy of novel to Gloria, owner of Gloria’s Café
West Los Angeles – Southern California – September 4, 2019

My thanks go out to blogger, Larry “Dutch” Woller On The Path Least Traveled, for purchasing my novel.

Blogger Larry “Dutch” Woller
Photo Credit: On…

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