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Cash Transfers from Oil Revenues are Not A Magic Bullet – By Tara Patricia Cookson

The topic of direct cash transfers to Guyanese households, paid for by projected oil revenues, has been in the news over the past few weeks, and seems set to become an issue on the Guyanese elections campaign trail. Will the presidential candidates promise to alleviate poverty by giving families cash?

They will certainly not be the first politicians in the Caribbean or in neighbouring regions to try. Last year I published a book about Peru’s conditional cash transfer program, Juntos, a program considered to be so successful that then-World Bank President Jim Kim offered financing for any country that would replicate it.  Indeed, there are many studies that show that Juntos, like other cash transfer programs, soften the acute effects of poverty and increase families’ use of health and education services.            Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Toshaos’ Conference becomes ‘battleground’ for political parties

Toshaos and other village leaders at the NTC

This fresh clash follows after the National Toshao’s Council (NTC) launched their 13th annual conference, where village Toshaos, senior councillors and community development chairpersons gather to consolidate and expand national development, which would inevitably cater to the needs of the indigenous people.

Considering that the country has now found itself in the atmosphere of elections, it is now up to the Government of Guyana and the Political Opposition to win the votes of the first people of the land.      Continue reading

Professor who predicted last 9 presidential elections says Trump will win in 2020

Man who predicted Trump’s win makes bold impeachment prediction

Professor Allan Lichtman, who correctly predicted the last nine presidential election wins, says Democrats will only have a chance at winning in 2020 if they impeach President Donald Trump. #CNN #News

Aviation: Qatar to the Rescue – Guyana signs Aviation agreement with Qatar

By Adrian Loverage  …. in Barbados

The announcement that the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority has signed an agreement with the Government of Guyana which will permit award winning Qatar Airways to operate any number of passenger and cargo flights between the two countries, is significant more than it first appears.

It will also allow the airline to open an operation base in Guyana and fly to any other country in the region and other regions as well. Clearly this ground breaking decision is driven by Guyana’s increasingly important position being poised to become a major player in the gas and oil industry.        Continue reading

Guyana Institute of Historical Research (GIHR) – Online News – October 2019

Download: GIHR Online News – October 2019

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