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Linden/Lethem road construction… Govt. to start advertising for contractors

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is preparing to start advertising for expressions of interests (EoI) for the Linden/Lethem road.
According to Minister David Patterson, the construction of the roadway will soon materialize.

The condition of the current Linden/Lethem road gets worse in the rainy season.

He made the disclosure on Thursday during a presentation to Amerindian leaders during the annual Toshaos’ conference.

“The Minister explained that several feasibility studies were undertaken to determine how viable the project was.  Continue reading

The Business of Tourism – Reassessing the role of Cruise Tourism – By David Jessop

David Jessop


Cruise tourism has become a big business, with the Caribbean now accounting for more than 35 per cent of all such vacations globally. This year more ships will sail in or through Caribbean waters than in any other part of the world, with many of the one hundred plus new vessels under construction destined to do the same.

Despite this, no government or industry body has yet been able to focus with any success on how little the cruise lines contribute to Caribbean development, government revenues, or the local economy. Nor have they found ways that equitably relate cruise tourism to the now regional economic importance of the hotel sector, the ancillary onshore demand that long-stay visitors create, or the higher taxes they pay.              Continue reading

Contract signed for Hydropower in Kato – despite PPP attempts to block funding – Patterson

Despite moves by the Opposition to block funding for a hydro project in Kato, the money has been acquired and the project will go ahead, Government says.

On Thursday, Minister of Public Infrastructure – David Patterson announced at the National Toshaos Conference that hydropower for the village of Kato, Region 8, will now be possible as a contract was recently signed in this regard.
He explained that the previous administration attempted to secure funding for the project several times but were unsuccessful.    Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Little detail on how PPP’s Irfaan Ali would create 50,000 jobs

–  presidential candidate silent on matter

Stabroek News – October 11, 2019

Irfaan Ali
Irfaan Ali

Ali has not responded to requests from Stabroek News for more details on the proposal and instead pointed to an interview posted on his Facebook page on July 1, 2019. In that interview, Ali indicated that the 50,000 jobs will come from the mining, forestry, environmental, and other sectors.  He, however, did not source the figures he cited and while he spoke about how some jobs will be created, the figures did not amount to the 50,000 promised.    Continue reading

Guyana Police Force needs 600 more ranks – Minister of Public Security

Min of Public Security – Khemraj Ramjattan

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