Contract signed for Hydropower in Kato – despite PPP attempts to block funding – Patterson

Despite moves by the Opposition to block funding for a hydro project in Kato, the money has been acquired and the project will go ahead, Government says.

On Thursday, Minister of Public Infrastructure – David Patterson announced at the National Toshaos Conference that hydropower for the village of Kato, Region 8, will now be possible as a contract was recently signed in this regard.
He explained that the previous administration attempted to secure funding for the project several times but were unsuccessful.   

“Moreover, he pointed out that the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP), Irfaan Ali, wrote to the International Development Bank (IDB) requesting that funding be withheld from the project, since the Government is illegal and the people of Guyana will not repay the loan,” the ministry explained in a release.
However, Ali’s request was not met.

Minister Patterson told the Amerindian leaders that the country received a grant, which means it does not have to repay the money for the project.

In this regard, he declared: “Ladies and gentlemen of Kato I am pleased to announce to you here that despite those attempts the project is going ahead.”

According to Patterson, the project will be led by a local contractor, with assistance from Austria and Costa Rica.
Once completed, the hydropower project will provide electricity to the school in Kato as well as the entire village. It will be extended in the future to power other neighbouring villages.

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  • kamtanblog  On October 12, 2019 at 1:54 am

    Surely renewable energy source a better
    option…or a combination of all three…
    Water wind solar.
    Renewables are the future.
    My place in south Spain 🇪🇸 is not
    connected to grid and my solar system
    has been operating for over a decade
    “No maintenance” and free electricity.
    Not rocket science mr minister.

    Go figure


  • Leslie Chin  On October 12, 2019 at 2:35 am

    Renewable energy (hydro and solar and wind if available) makes eminent sense for a small village. The voltage and frequency should be compatible with the national grid. DC should also be considered.

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