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The Montreal Police and Racial Profiling – By Yvonne Sam

Is the Montreal Police (SPVM) ready to work towards removing the Schism from Racism?

      By Yvonne Sam

   Reports shows ‘systemic biases’ when it comes to race within Montreal police

There is a familiar French expression, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose which when translated says– the more things change the more they remain the same. Following the recent announcement of a class action suit, along with new allegations of racial profiling, the Montreal Police disclosed a new strategy aimed at eliminating racial and social profiling.

According to Alex Norris, Chairperson of the Public Security Committee, the plan is the most ambitious and comprehensive far-reaching plan that the SPVM has ever adopted to combat and prevent racial and social profiling.    Continue reading

Video: Busy People vs. Productive People

Busy People vs. Productive People

Just because you are busy does NOT mean you are productive. This animation explains some of the major differences between busy behavior and productive behavior.

Guyana can learn global oil industry standards from TT– Energy Chamber of Trinidad Tobago assures

  —“No, Trinidadian companies are not coming to take over”; 

ECTT CEO, Dr Thackwray Driver

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT) on Wednesday sought to dispel concerns that businesses from that twin-island Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member state are coming to Guyana to dominate the oil sector, instead saying that they are grasping business opportunities hinged on 100 years of experience and international safety standards.

ECTT Chief Executive Officer, Dr Thackwray Driver rubbished claims by sections of Guyana’s business community that Trinidadians are coming here in droves to take over the oil sector.    Continue reading

OPINION: Five years to real oil prosperity in Guyana could be an eternity – by GHK Lall

  by GHK Lall
Five years to 2025, according to the Hon. Minister of Finance. That is how long before the oil money would start coming in, the real meaningful money. The money that, if honestly and wisely (prudent is the word) used, could make a world of difference for Guyanese. Every single citizen. I can only agree with anyone, who harbors such a vision, and who then removes all obstacles that may prevent that from being reality. Remember: every citizen. Some cautions first.

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