Georgetown. Guyana: The Popular Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street for sale

Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street

Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street

After a court battle over the ownership of the building housing the popular Shanta’s Puri Shop on Camp Street concluded last year, owner Deodat Persaud has decided to sell.

An advertisement in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek announced the sale and Persaud, who said, “Shanta’s is a national institution and has good history in Guyana,” confirmed that he was selling.         

In a case that went all the way to the Court of Appeal, a decision was made last July that upheld a High Court ruling that the then occupant of the 225 Camp and New Market Streets building had no legal authority to do so. A ruling was made in favour of Persaud.

Stabroek News reported last year that following the death of businesswoman Parbati Persaud aka Parbatti Persaud, her two sons became locked in a legal battle to gain control of the property. Premdaat Persaud had taken over the business, claiming that the property was sold to him prior to his mother’s death. However, his brother Deodat Persaud, who was named the executor of the woman’s estate, had argued that there was no evidence to support such a claim and had asked his sibling to vacate the property. The business has been a part of Guyana’s culinary history since the 1960’s.

The Court of Appeal, after hearing all arguments in the matter, dismissed the appeal filed by Premdaat and his son Mikail and affirmed the March 20, 2011 decision of High Court judge Rishi Persaud. The court also awarded costs in the sum of $200,000 to Deodat.

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  • Veda Nath Mohabir  On October 5, 2019 at 8:42 am

    It’s a pity this culinary landmark is ending up this way . I know Prem and late brother Dada since the 60’s. Prem and son Mikhail kept the business alive. Last time I visited and stayed in GT, nearby, I was at the shop daily; and would hang out with him. Would also meet Prem often in TO when he is here, alternating with his son several months a year, to keep the business alive.

    Real pity he has lost out. Not a good prognosis for Shanta’s longevity.

  • Jasmin Prasard  On October 5, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Typical squabbling greedy guyanese!!!!

  • Janet James  On October 8, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Deodat, You luckly, you not involved with any politician Like Jeffrey Thomas, if not he would have claimed that your mother give him the property. He did with another coolie and now he sold the building to John Pyneandy and he don’t even own the building.But if you are an ex politician and you know the police you can get any coolie property for free.

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