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REMINDER… Eid by the Lake Festival- Whitby. Ontario. Canada – August 11, 2019

Eid by the Lake Festival

Aug. 11, 10:00 a.m.

Abilities Centre, 55 Gordon St, Whitby, ON L1N 0J2, Canada

Come Celebrate Eid dul adha this year in Durham with Khutba and Salat and then a day of festivities and fun for the entire family and community at large. Proceeds go towards back to school supplies for children in Guyana.

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Hello Guys, 
You are all invited to the following event:


Event to be held at the following time, date, and location:
Sunday, August 25, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EDT)
St Gabriel’s Episcopal Church
331 Hawthorne Street
Brooklyn, New York 11225
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You are invited to the Valerie Rodway Centenary Concert An Evening of Guyana’s favorite National Songs from the Valerie Rodway Songbook.
Choir Director, Avis Joseph, A.R.C.M., G.R.S.M.Accompanist, Mildred Lowe, M.Sc.Musical Arrangements by Hugh Sam, B.Mus.Overture arranged by Kurleigh Lowe & Kevin Lowe Production Director, Monty Blackmore Hosted by Hugh Hamilton.
Mass Choir Representative Churches:St Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, New Life Center of Truth, Restoration Temple Assembly of God Church, Victory Assembly of God The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Union United Methodist Church.St. George’s Cathedral, Guyana
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A concert with a difference.
C & B there.
Guyana Cultural Association of NY Inc.

This invitation was sent to Claireagoring@aol.com by the organizer of this event, Guyana Cultural Association of NY Inc..

Eventbrite, Inc. | 155 5th St, 7th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94103

U.S: Florida attorney general out of step with voters on gun safety – By Mohamed Hamaludin


Mass shootings in America have become so commonplace that gun violence did not feature during the two recent Democratic presidential debates. But whenever such tragedies strike, as happened last week in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, they become the flavor of the day, though they should not be unexpected, given the level of divisiveness in the country created and stoked by President Donald Trump’s racist immigration policy and inflammatory remarks about non-whites.

The latest massacres came as a Florida official seeks to frustrate a citizen initiative to ban assault weapons and a judge has struck down the Legislature’s draconian law criminalizing any action by local authorities to regulate gun ownership.          Continue reading

Georgetown: Mayor requests probe in City Engineer alleged misconduct

Local Government Commission asked to conduct probe

City Hall – Georgetown

Georgetown Mayor, Ubraj Narine, has confirmed that he has written to the Local Government Commission (LGC) asking that a probe into the actions of City Engineer, Colvern Venture.

Venture, who is currently on vacation leave, is accused of failing to leave documents of existing work contracted to the Deputy-Engineer.

Mayor Narine had also noted that under Venture’s watch, there were several projects that were not executed successfully and must be addressed promptly.

He said that there are several other issues that will be tackled and emphasized the need to put a stop to any malpractice.                        Continue reading

As the carnage continues—American is running out of reasons – By Yvonne Sam

  By Yvonne Sam

The truth America can no longer shun- her undying affinity with the gun.

Reasons range from untreated madness to sheer badness, as once more America is thrown into a state of mourning— a condition that she has found herself in more often than she cares to recall due to the regularity. The latest mass shooting in El Paso,Texas and Dayton, Ohio is in no way an anomaly, just history repeating itself.

America is running out of excuses, while the murderers are gaining easier access to weapons. The truth be told the problem is dire. Each new event brings with a demand for new laws and regulations.            Continue reading

Hydro Energy: Islamic Bank mission in Guyana to finalize energy projects

GEA CEO – Dr Mahender Sharma

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – A team of six officials from the Islamic Development Bank led by Noureddine Mabrouk arrived in Guyana to scope renewable energy projects for off-grid area in partnership with the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA). 

In April of this year, chief executive officer (CEO) of the GEA, Dr Mahender Sharma, said that  Guyana will approach the Islamic Development Bank to finance three additional hydro-powered sites – Ikuribisi hydro which will serve Bartica, Moco Moco and Kumu to benefit disadvantaged indigenous communities in the interior of the country.          Continue reading

BREXIT and falling Sterling will affect Barbados Tourism – Adrian Loveridge

  By Adrian Loveridge

The ongoing Brexit debacle has produced a new British Prime Minister and cabinet, seemingly intent on mimicking the Disney created urban legend documentary, depicting a lemming-like suicide by leaving the European Union on 31st October 2019, regardless of the cost to its own population and the inevitable effect it will have on both domestic and overseas tourism.

By now I would imagine that our tourism industry policymakers and planners have gone into ‘hyperdrive’ while attempting to fully evaluate the potential damage which resulted in further downward pressure on Sterling against the US$ (last week a 28 month low), together with the consequential repercussion it will have on the cost of living for most UK residents and their ability to absorb massive increases in holiday prices with depleted disposable income.              Continue reading

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