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Cricket: WILL  IT  BE  A  LUCKY  7  FOR  ENGLAND vs AUSTRALIA? – By Hubert Williams


By  Hubert  Williams

Bridgetown, Barbados, August 15, 2019 — Today, the beginning of the delayed second cricket Test match between England and Australia at historic Lords in London, marks the advent of a string of seven names in England’s side with peculiarly identical first initials and makes one wonder whether it is going to be “Lucky 7” for the home team.

This occurrence of first names with the same initial letter is likely unprecedented in any form of cricket across the world; thus, even if Australia repeats the whipping it handed England in the First Test, the home side would have made its mark on the game’s history by the players it has chosen, including  the  following:      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: As Election draws near—Facts that the political analysts need to share – By Yvonne Sam

No political analyst is talking about the growing mixed population… who are all mixed up as they search for responsible leadership and good governance.

    By Yvonne Sam

While certain sectors of the populace have become overly concerned about the influx of Haitians, and the possibility of their very presence being the pendulum that swings votes in favour of a certain party, (similar to that of the Russians and Donald Trump) serious consideration should be given to the country’s current ethnic distribution and their likely contribution, which may seriously affect the outcome of the forthcoming election.

A major analysis of the Guyanese population in 2012 https://guyaneseonline.net/2016/07/19/guyana-census-2012-highlights-decline-in-main-ethnic-populations/ showed that the East Indians the largest ethnic group comprised 39.8%, a fall of 3.65 from 43.4% (2002).  They are followed by persons of African heritage 29.2% down from 30.2 %.        Continue reading

The roots of America’s white nationalism reach back to Barbados’s brutal history

   The roots of America’s white nationalism – By

The vicious ideology that allegedly drove a gunman to kill 22 people in El Paso, Texas last week could be traced back to a tiny island on the eastern fringe of the Caribbean Sea.

As England’s most famous and profitable colony in the 17th century, Barbados shaped many of the rules and ideas of the future United States. That includes the toxic mix of white privilege and resentment that has plagued the United States ever since.

From servants to slaves

The planters who came to this island in 1627 treated everyone badly. As one English overseer recalled, “I have seen such cruelty [done there] to servants, as I did not think one Christian could have done to another.”


Conservation of Forests: The Green Heart Of Guyana – Video

Conservation of Forests: The Green Heart Of Guyana – Video

A look into the conservation research that Operation Wallacea carries out in the Iwokrama reserve of Guyana.

Guyana holds one of the largest intact tropical rain-forests in the world and with Operation Wallacea, students like myself, can go to this remarkable place, to work with world renown scientists, indigenous people of the region and like minded people to try and protect this wonder.

Find out more at: https://opwall.com

USA: We need a massive national program to counter hate – By Mohamed Hamaludin


The soul-searching taking place over the Aug. 3, 2019 El Paso mass shooting in which a 21-year-old white racist killed 22 people and wounded 24 others is likely to get nowhere as far as dealing with violent white supremacy and gun control are concerned. If the slaughter of 20  six- and seven-year-old children and six adult staff members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, in Newtown. Conn., could not produce meaningful action, very little else can.

But there was ample warning about such tragedies. Analysts at the Department of Homeland Security said in 2009 that white extremism posed a threat to national security because of the election of the first African American president, the financial crisis (2008-2012) and wider use of social media.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Chief Justice says GECOM’s House-to House Registration is constitutional

Chief Justice Roxane George

The house-to-house registration exercise which has been embarked upon by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) in order to compile an Official List of Electors (OLE) for the holding of general and regional elections has been declared legal by Chief Justice Roxane George.

The Chief Justice was asked by Attorney-at-Law Christopher Ram to look into the constitutionality of the registration process.  Ram had approached the court, asking for a Conservatory Order halting GECOM from continuing the house-to-house registration exercise which  he argued was in violation of Articles 106 (6) and (7) of the Constitution as well as the judgment of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).      Continue reading

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