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Guyana: Emancipation Day 2019: Emancipation at a glance – editorial

Emancipation at a glance

Aug 01, 2019  Editorial – Stabroek News

Emancipation! There is a certain soaring expansiveness to the mere thought, a reaching for the meaning and holding close of that word, a cherishing of all that it holds and promises. Man was made to be as free as the wind, as unshackled as a storm in a crashing symphony of dauntless human spirit, human will, human potential.

It came not quite two centuries ago for a people long stripped and punished with knee and face pressed into stone of the ground. It was the cruelest of times.      Continue reading

U.S. – America has never been – and never will be – “a White Nation” – By Mohamed Hamaludin”

U.S. – America has never been – and never will be – a white nation


The year to watch for is not 2020. It is 2045.

That is when, the Brookings Institution says, based on Census projections, (See article below)—- whites will drop from a current 60.7 to 49.7 percent of the population. Latinos will increase from 18 to 24.6 percent, African Americans from 12.3 to 13.1 percent, Asians from 5.6 to 7.9 percent.

The elections next November is all about those numbers for President Donald Trump, whose immigration policy is a direct response.          Continue reading

Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association (New York), Inc. Flag Party – September 1, 2019

Queen’s College of Guyana Alumni Association (New York), Inc. Flag Party – September 1, 2019

Here is the EventBrite RSVP link: https://tinyurl.com/2019FlagParty
Here is our YouTube video promotion: https://tinyurl.com/2019FlagPartyVid

US Births Are at Record-Low Levels – Why Aren’t We Asking Why?

The Most Revolutionary Act

U.S. Births Are at Record-Low Levels—Why Aren’t We Asking Why?

By the Children’s Health Defense Team

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released its annual statistical overview of births in America. The agency reported that total U.S. births plummeted to a 32-year “record low” in 2018—particularly for teenagers and women in their twenties. But though 2018 may have set a new record, other recent years relay much the same story: total births and the general fertility rate (births per 1,000 reproductive-age women) have been falling steadily for well over a decade.

The “baby bust” trend is not unique to the United States. A Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded study published in 2018 in The Lancet reported that nearly half of countries worldwide had fertility rates below the “replacement level” of approximately 2.1 children per woman’s lifetime—a situation unheard of anywhere on the planet back in 1950

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The view from Europe: Climate science and the Caribbean reaction – By David Jessop

Caribbean News Now
David Jessop is a consultant to the Caribbean Council and can be contacted atdavid.jessop@caribbean-council.org. Previous columns can be found at http://www.caribbean-council.org

In the last few days new evidence has been published suggesting that scientists are now 99 percent certain that human activity is causing global warming.

As if to validate this, temperatures in parts of Northern Europe spiked this week at 44.9 C (113F), breaking records and confirming changing patterns that have brought extreme weather and higher temperatures often for sustained periods to regions of Africa, the Americas, the Arctic and many other parts of the world.    Continue reading

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