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Guyana Politics: CJ to rule on challenge to house-to-house registration August 14

– Attorney General insists laws do not cater for snap elections

Chief Justice Roxane George

In the meantime, Attorney General Basil Williams, who is a Respondent in the matter, has asked the court to allow the registration exercise which commenced on July 20, to continue, on the basis that it is “the most doable mechanism to update the voters’ list in preparation for free, fair and credible general and regional elections”.    Continue reading

Eddie Glaude Delivers ‘Incredibly Powerful’ Statement on US History of Racism and Violence

‘This Is Us’: In Wake of El Paso, — And You Can’t Just Blame Trump

“And if we’re gonna get past this, we can’t blame it on [Trump]. He’s a manifestation of the ugliness that’s in us.”

August 06, 2019 by Common Dreams By Jon Queally, staff writer

Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude received praise overnight for comments made on MSNBC Monday as he called on the American people to acknowledge that while blaming President Donald Trump might be easy to do—especially given the available evidence—for the racist-inspired massacre at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas over the weekend it cannot be ignored that hatred and violence behind the attack is something deeply woven into the fabric of the country’s politics and culture.


Barbados: Hotel Development: Gabby again demands beach for Bajans

July 30, 2019 / Caribbean Life News / Caribbean / Barbados 


It therefore came as no surprise last week when arguments that were at times rowdy erupted pitting residents against investors over $25 million plans to construct a 10-storey hotel in the south coast area of Worthing, Christ Church, on the inland side of a road running parallel to the beach and a restaurant on the seaside of that road.          Continue reading

Reggae Music: VP Records to celebrate 40 years with yearlong activities

BY TANGERINE CLARKE – Caribbean Life News

In addition to its co-sponsorship of the 2nd Annual Spirit of the Caribbean Festival (JCAL) on Aug. 3, at the Jamaica Performance Center, and Grace Annual Jerk Festival, on Aug. 25 at Roy Wilkins Park, Merrick & Baisley Blvds., Queens, music group, will feature a variety of music and cultural events, products, historical exhibits and experiences, in Jamaica, across the US, Toronto, Canada and London.          Continue reading

Rich countries must start planning for a cashless future – The Economist

Going digital will bring vast rewards but societies are ill-equipped to deal with the side-effects

Aug 1st 2019 – The Economist Magazine
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