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Ramson most likely interrupted a “carefully orchestrated selection process” for PPP presidential candidate – Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ramkarran, a former long-standing member of the PPP, made his view known in his most recent column.

There, he acknowledged that Ramson recently announced publicly that he would seek the PPP’s nomination to be its presidential candidate for the 2020 general elections. But, Jagdeo chided Ramson and said that he deviated from party principles.            Continue reading

Update: Crum-Ewing’s killing: Narine confronts main suspect Regan Rodrigues in Police presence

Capitol TV News Videos – 24 July 2015

Capitol TV logoCapitol TV News Videos – 24 July 2015

  • Anil Nandlall may walk from politics
  • Uniform vouchers for public schools to be distributed soon
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV News Videos:-

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Anil Nandlall’s ex-bodyguard detained for Crum-Ewing murder

Anil Nandlall’s ex-bodyguard detained for Crum-Ewing murder

July 24, 2015 | By |– Former Attorney General denies involvement
Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall reads a statement to the media

Anil Nandlall

Former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall yesterday categorically denied any involvement in the assassination of political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing, and said that an ex-bodyguard of his, Rajput Narine, who police have detained, was hired several days after Crum-Ewing’s death.

Nandlall made the denial during a press conference in which he repeatedly refuted suggestions that he, or any members of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), orchestrated the murder, which is being deemed a politically motivated killing.    Continue reading

PPP in Death Throes, Jagdeo Return to Perform Final Rites – By Ralph Seeram

PPP in Death Throes, Jagdeo Return to Perform Final Rites

July 12, 2015 | By BY Ralph Seeram
Jagdeo 2015 pix

Bharrat Jagdeo

I was saying the man’s ego was bigger than his mansion, when another passenger in the car chimed in, that his ego was bigger than Guyana. The man has no shame; some would argue that Bharrat Jagdeo has passed that stage a very long time ago.
Long before, he brazenly and “barefacedly” gave away free radio licenses to his friends, family and cronies before leaving office in 2011.
By now most of you know that Jagdeo is returning to lead the PPP in Parliament as Opposition Leader.

Apparently the PPP did not get the Memo the voters sent in 2011 and again last May 11. Their supporters either stayed away from the polls or switched to the AFC.      Continue reading

GUYANA: Latest News – 06 July 2015 – Demerara Waves

    GUYANA: Latest News – 06 July 2015 – Demerara Waves

Jagdeo moves to High Court to quash travel restriction – Request granted

Jagdeo moves to High Court to quash travel restriction – [Request granted –  see following article]

Jagdeo in the dock

Jagdeo in the dock

Friday, 29 May 2015 21:36 -Written by   –  Comments

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo wants the High Court to quash a temporary travel ban imposed by the Lower Court on him until the hearing and determination of private criminal charge that he allegedly uttered racially divisive remarks.

Through his Attorney-at-Law, Mursalene Bacchus, Jagdeo on Friday petitioned the High Court to remove the travel restriction because of his “international obligations he is required to leave Guyana regularly” and he may also need to seek medical treatment overseas.   Continue reading

Funeral: Thousands bid farewell. Area to be named after Crum-Ewing; fund to be established

Area to be named after Crum-Ewing; fund for his children to be established

The casket, draped with Guyana's National Flag and a bullhorn, containing the body of Courtney Crum-Ewing.

The casket, of Courtney Crum-Ewing, draped with Guyana’s National Flag and a bullhorn

Hours before the mortal remains of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing were due to be interred, City Mayor Hamilton Green announced that intends to take steps to memorialize the name of the man who became well-known for his solo protests outside the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs.

Publisher of the Kaieteur News newspaper, Glen Lall also announced that he intends to begin a fund for Crum-Ewing’s children in honour of the man who held daily protests outside Attorney General, Anil Nandlall’s office for remarks that government official made in a private conversation with a Kaieteur News reporter.
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Guyana Elections: Political coalition agreement illegal, says Guyana attorney general

Political coalition agreement illegal, says Guyana attorney general

Published on March 12, 2015 – Caribbean News Now

 Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Guyana’s attorney general and minister of legal affairs, Anil Nandlall, has claimed that the newly formed APNU/AFC (A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change) coalition of political parties has no foundation in law.

Nandlall said that the document is fraught with a number of worrying concerns for the Guyana electorate.

He stated that the so-called “Cummingsburg Accord”, based upon what has been made public, is essentially an agreement between the two political parties, but that it has no foundation in law, as “it is not grounded in the constitution.” This, he said makes for a number of huge potential problems, irrespective of what transpires in the upcoming general and regional elections. Continue reading

Series of constitutional crises caused by Govt. damaging country’s democracy – Granger

Series of constitutional crises caused by Govt. damaging country’s democracy – Granger

November 1, 2014 | By By Kiana Wilburg

Noting that the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) is solely responsible for the series of constitutional

Opposition Leader, David Granger

Opposition Leader, David Granger

crises currently affecting the country, Opposition Leader, David Granger also stated that the government’s policies of prevention as it relates to the reconvening of the National Assembly, the holding of Local Government Elections and the enactment of vital legislation have all lent to the damages being done to the country’s democracy.

The recent scandal involving the Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall he said, has also served to further erode public respect and trust for the PPP/C regime.
The Opposition Leader made this statement during a press conference which was held yesterday at the party’s Hadfield Street Office.

Granger told members of the media that public confidence in the government has drained in several areas including parliamentary democracy, public finance, health security, public services and even in the administration of justice. Continue reading

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