Georgetown: Mayor requests probe in City Engineer alleged misconduct

Local Government Commission asked to conduct probe

City Hall – Georgetown

Georgetown Mayor, Ubraj Narine, has confirmed that he has written to the Local Government Commission (LGC) asking that a probe into the actions of City Engineer, Colvern Venture.

Venture, who is currently on vacation leave, is accused of failing to leave documents of existing work contracted to the Deputy-Engineer.

Mayor Narine had also noted that under Venture’s watch, there were several projects that were not executed successfully and must be addressed promptly.

He said that there are several other issues that will be tackled and emphasized the need to put a stop to any malpractice.                       

The Mayor had said that a number of building plans were handed over to junior staff members within the Engineer’s Department, and a few plans could not be accounted for.

Narine stressed that the plans ought to be handed over to the deputy who is going to act.

He noted that even the building supervisor, Marlon Harris, had plans in his possession which shouldn’t be.
The Mayor said that there are also a number of other issues relating to Mr. Venture that need an explanation.

Among them is a detailed report on his 2017 trip to China as part of a project for the Chinese Government to engage the Council about development works in the city.

This is not the first time that the Engineer’s Department has come under fire.

Previous Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, had noted that staff of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council had to be more careful in carrying out their work and dealing with the public.

“I’m tired of complaints against the Engineer’s Department involving senior building inspectors. You’re dodging the people, hiding from them, telling them to come back over and over.

“The attitude of those in the Engineer’s Department stinks; their attitude towards citizens is unacceptable,” Chase-Green had lamented.

She said it was high time that some officers from that department go home, because they are at work doing absolutely nothing.

“You have officers in the yard liming whole day,” she charged, and when they are picked up and taken into the fields, they produce the reports months after; and worse yet, give the excuse that they have to revisit the location before submitting the reports.

The Mayor and City Council of Georgetown was expected to compensate at least two people in relation to manhole incidents.

Kaieteur News – August 7, 2019

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