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Medical Article: Viagra- The Happiest of All Happy Accidents?


Did you know that the discovery of Pfizer’s erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra was an accident? While testing a drug that expanded blood cells in the chest to relieve chest pain back in 1991, some patients reported getting erections as a side effect — enough of them that clinical researcher Ian Osterloh decided that this intriguing result merited more study, despite opposition from Pfizer’s staunchly conservative upper management, legislators, the medical establishment, and even the Catholic Church.

As David Kushner reports at Esquire, after getting approval from the FDA, the team wooed urologists to get the little blue pill into the hands of men the world over, making Pfizer a potent profit along the way.

In fact, it’s a miracle that it ever came to be at all. In addition to the people within Pfizer who were in an uproar over the “dick pill,” four major groups began rallying against…

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USA: A Fate Worse Than Slavery, Unearthed in Sugar Land – By Brent Staples – New York Times

Bodies of sugar cane workers recently discovered in Texas reveal gruesome details about the convict leasing system.

Brent Staples

By Brent StaplesMr. Staples is a member of the editorial board. – New York Times


The blood-drenched history that gave the city of Sugar Land, Texas., its name showed its face earlier this year, when a school construction crew discovered the remains of 95 African-Americans whose unmarked graves date back more than a century. The dead — some of whom may have been born in slavery — are victims of the infamous convict leasing system that arose after Emancipation. Southerners sought to replace slave labor by jailing African-Americans on trumped-up charges and turning them over to, among others, sugar cane plantations in the region once known as the Sugar Bowl of Texas    Continue reading

The Arrival of East Indians in the Caribbean – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Arrival of East Indians in the Caribbean – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine


If you took a plane from JFK Airport to Calcutta the chances are you will be tired by the time you get there. On May 5th 1838 the history of the Caribbean changed dramatically as 396 East Indians landed on the shores of British Guiana.

This was no joyride and there was no time for niceties. The journey from Calcutta to British Guiana was fraught with hardships, and like the slave ships of an earlier era there were deaths on the way. The two ships that landed were the Whitby and the Hesperus. Their cargo was to usher in a new form of slavery that changed the complexion of the colony.

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Headlines: News Americas – November 16. 2018

November 16. 2018

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