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GCA – Guyana Cultural Association On-line Magazine – Sep/Oct 2018 

VIEW: GCA – Guyana Cultural Association On-line Magazine – Sep/Oct 2018 

Bill Gates talks toilets

The Earthbound Report

One of the development projects that I keep an eye on is the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation challenge to reinvent the toilet. It launched in 2011 and while I don’t think all the inventions that have come out of it are practical for the poorest who need them most, there’s no doubt that it’s kicked off a wave of new ideas. With each passing year new toilets have been developed, and the most promising are now testing in South Africa.

This week saw the first Reinventing the Toilet Expo in Beijing, and Gates has been talking about what the project has generated so far. It’s an inspiring story, and a necessary one. It isn’t going to be possible to deliver traditional flushing toilets to everyone in the world – they’re just too wasteful of clean water. But what if there are better ways of creating a toilet, ways that…

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GUYANA: Fly Jamaica Plane crash at CJIA – By Cyril Bryan, Editor. Guyanese Online – passenger …UPDATED

Fly Jamaica Plane crash at CJIA Guyana on November 9, 2018Add Location
– By Cyril Bryan – (Passenger on the plane)
I am the publisher and editor of Guyanese Online, a blog that gives free advertising to Guyanese organizations worldwide.
I was in Guyana reporting on the work of CANGO – see  Regular Reports are on the CANGO FaceBook Page
Editor’s Note: I(Cyril Bryan), was on this plane on my way to Toronto from Guyana after spending three weeks with the CANGO Medical Mission to Indigenous Guyanese in the Pomeroon (Region 1) and Moruca (Region 2) areas of Guyana.

 ————- Here it is  my report ———–            

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GUYANA: Fly Jamaica plane crash-lands at Cheddi Jagan International Airport – UPDATED

Fly Jamaica flight to Toronto crash lands at airport in Guyana

Household Income Distribution in the U.S. Visualized as 100 Homes – Infographic

Household Income Distribution in the U.S. Visualized as 100 Homes – Infographic

Inequality in America has become a major talking point in recent years. For many people though, the concept of inequality – the idea that wealth is spread very thinly at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder – is still an abstract concept.

There are over 125 million households in the United States, each with their own unique structure and financial situation, so understanding such a complex issue requires reducing it to proportions we can understand.

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GCCABC’s Annual Potluck Xmas Brunch – Richmond B.C. Canada – December 9. 2018

Annual Potluck on December 9th 2018

In addition to any potluck item you might bring to share, we are also asking that you please bring a non-perishable food item for contribution toward’s St. Anne’s food drive. We appreciate anything you can donate towards this.                    Continue reading