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Born in the Land of the Mighty Roraima – By Geoff Burrowes

Born in the Land of the Mighty Roraima — Growing up in British Guiana (Guyana)

Mount Roraima

By Geoff Burrowes 

Although a proud Guianese (Guyanese), the only time I’ve ever seen Roraima was in the distance over the bush, on the horizon.

The British Guiana Museum was across the road from the new pink Post Office Building and as I was intensely curious I would go upstairs and run the gauntlet of the fearsome pork-knocker on the landing, and the caiman at the top to see the photographs and read about this mountain peak, which was the subject of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional book  ‘The Lost World’.                Continue reading

Opinion: The future of Guyana – By Denis Solomon

Opinion: The future of Guyana

– By Denis Solomon

At the outset of this short essay, please allow me to declare that I am without any Guyanese political affiliation. I am looking at the future of Guyana with the welcome input of oil revenues. I will state that I have an open mind with no prejudice.

Already there is a suggestion of an interior highway to Brazil. This could provide future illegal immigrants with a ready-made transit route. Before anyone seeks to point out the language difficulty, future immigrants would face, I would ask them to look at the USA-Mexican border forty/fifty years ago and consider present day occurrences.                Continue reading

Guyana Alumni Associations share Thanksgiving meals in New York

Newly elected President of QC Guyana Alumni NY Chapter, Patrick Stephens, center, next to Tony Singh, of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry in Queens, along with members and volunteers, after sharing Thanksgiving meals to scores of New Yorkers.

Queens College of Guyana Alumni Association, NY Chapter, gave out Thanksgiving packages to other New Yorkers in need, during a day of service at Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, run by Tony Singh, at 02-16 89th Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens.

The association last Saturday, partnered with Bishop’s, St Rose’s and St. Joseph’s Alumni Associations, for this initiative, to help those who don’t’ have enough to eat during this Thanksgiving season.            Continue reading

Guyana files documents with International Court of Justice re Venezuelan claims

Guyana on Monday filed documents at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) outlining why it believes that Netherlands-based body has a right to hear its case to settle the controversy with Venezuela over the 1899 Arbitration Tribunal Award.

“Guyana has no doubt that the Court has jurisdiction to resolve the controversy that has plagued its relations with Venezuela and undermined its ability to develop its sovereign territory and natural resources,” the Foreign Ministry added. Over the decades, Venezuela has scared off an oil exploration ship from an offshore concession granted by Guyana and has written to gold and oil production companies as well as the World Bank that had planned to partly finance the construction of a hydro-power station several decades ago.        Continue reading