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Happy Diwali – 2018 + Details regarding Diwali from Wikipedia

Diwali – Festival of Lights

DIWALI – Festival of Lights

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Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – October 2018

Greetings to all:

We are pleased to share with you this month’s issue of Buxton-Friendship Express.

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Lorna Campbell


The Journalist: Jamal Khashoggi made poor judgement – By Norman Datt

This reminds me of when teenagers move their lips
They lie, like the Saudis with’s tips
Why a famous journalist go there expecting no problem
Why would he go there and also go alone knowing them
He was about to get married his wife to be was out side
Maybe he could not wait to go on his honeymoon ride
Maybe he was caught up in a giddy in a love suspense
He lost his head that day and disappeared in their dens
You cannot deal with folks who spout venom to others
Stifled women using selective justice with their brothers
Its time the West spill the beans, forget about trade and money
Get the truth of the Kingdom of Silence and Jamal Khashoggi!
 Norman Datt

Trump’s enablers must share the blame for America’s toxic divisiveness – By Mohamed Hamaludin


If the mailing of bombs to the homes of two former presidents of the United States, other senior Democratic leaders and one television station did not unify the nation, nothing will.

The one person who could have done so chose not to. Asked whether he would call bomb targets Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, President Donald Trump told reporters, “If they wanted me to, but I think we’ll probably pass.”

Instead, Trump all but ignored this unprecedented act of domestic terrorism to concentrate on campaigning for Tuesday’s mid-term elections and to hawk his “fake news” claims, citing CNN, a target of the bomber. The president also appeared to give credence to those alleging the bombs were “fake,” and that they were mailed by Democratic operatives to win sympathy votes – although the suspect is a registered Republican, his van is plastered with pro-Trump posters and his social media posts are virulently anti-Democratic.       Continue reading

Artificial intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

Artificial intelligence will change the nature of Caribbean tourism

David Jessop

By David Jessop

Among the extraordinary technological advances that will take place globally over the next decade, the most potent for the Caribbean may be artificial intelligence (AI).

This is because its rapid introduction into almost every commercial aspect of tourism means that it will change fundamentally the relationship between visitors, destinations and profitability.

AI is fast becoming a pervasive business tool for those who sell travel, vacations, and services to visitors.        Continue reading

Time to Start Short Circuiting Black Targeting – By Yvonne Sam

Time to Start Short Circuiting Black Targeting

By Yvonne Sam

America is awash in a midterm frenzy of “Get out and Vote”.  Even celebrities have cashed in on the act, geared to attract folks who would put the Dems back on track. However, seemingly lost in the ongoing shuffle and which is no attack, but little attention is being paid to the targeting of Blacks. The Merriam Webster lexicon gives the following as its definition for “target” – a mark to shoot at, something or someone fired at or marked for attack.

Looking both retrospectively and prospectively at the number of incidents taking place across the country, be it acts of violence, voter suppression, intimidation tactics or racial profiling, it is blatantly apparent that African Americans continue to carry the unnecessary  brunt of being aggressively  targeted and attacked.      Continue reading

“Humanity” by Afro-Brazilian Writer & Poet Carolina Maria de Jesus – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Carolina Maria de Jesus - Favela of Caninde - Sao Paulo - Before publication of first book

Carolina Maria de Jesus with cart – Favela of Canindé – São Paulo (circa 1958)
Photo Credit: Jornal Estado de Minas (Collection Audálio Dantas)

My Poetry Corner November 2018 features the poem “Humanity” (Humanidade) by Afro-Brazilian writer and poet, Carolina Maria de Jesus (1914-1977), born in a rural community in Minas Gerais, Southeast Brazil.

An illegitimate child of a sharecropping family, Carolina was treated as an outcast. After just two years in primary school, when she learned to read and write, she developed a love for reading. She dreamed of becoming a writer.

“The book…fascinates me,” de Jesus writes in My Strange Diary (Meu Estranho Diário). “I was raised in the world. Without maternal guidance. But books guided my thinking. Avoiding the abysses that we encounter in life. Blessed the time I spent reading. I came to the conclusion that it’s the poor who must read. Because…

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