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If they think that they can rig the elections and have peace…They are wrong – Jagdeo

“If they think that they can rig the elections and have the kind of peace that we have now, they’re wrong; very, very wrong”- Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Guyana’s Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday warned that the current level of peace would not prevail if the  2020 general and regional elections are rigged resulting in the David Granger-led coalition administration remaining in power.

“There will be consequences if they think that they can rig the elections and have the kind of peace that we have now, they’re wrong; very, very wrong. I hope they are not thinking that in their calculation,” Jagdeo told a news conference.        Continue reading

ABRSM: Celebrating 100 years – Musicians on Stage – Guyana National Cultural Centre – June 24. 2018

Guyanese Nurses Association. USA – Education & Mentoring Program- NY – July 28.2018

Download: Guyanese Nurses Assoc. USA – Education  & Mentoring Program

GUYDA Father’s Day Brunch – Brooklyn NY – Sunday June 17. 2018

MovieTowne Guyana sets sights on end of August for launch of cinemas+ some concessions

  • developer blames government ‘red tape’ for delays

MovieTowne – Guyana

[Stabroek News – 13 June 2018] – Although bemoaning the government “red tape” and other issues that have slowed the completion of the US$45m MovieTowne Guyana at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, developer Derek Chin has announced that he and his partners are working towards opening the eight cinemas and some concessions at the facility by the end of August, while the others, including the Hard Rock Café, will be opened by year end.

Chin, the Trinidadian founder and Chairman of the MovieTowne franchise, made the announcement yesterday when a site visit was held for the Private Sector Commission (PSC).     Continue reading

Stan Collymore: ‘The Thing White Men Hate Most is Outspoken Black Men’

The former England forward-turned-broadcaster has become a strident voice on football’s relationship with race and, despite the backlash on social media, he stands by every word

Stan Collymore

Sachin Nakrani | The Guardian UK

Stan Collymore has agreed to speak to me last Tuesday afternoon but it has to be over the phone as he is driving to St George’s Park for England’s pre-World Cup media day. So I call him at 1pm and connect immediately. But the line is bad and I fear our interview will not go well. Or proceed at all.

I need not have worried. The sound improves and, as it does, Collymore bursts into life. The next half an hour or so is a whirlwind as the former England forward speaks passionately, honestly, intelligently and controversially about a topic that means a lot to him: RACE.

Collymore has a lot to say, a lot to get off his chest, a lot of targets to fire at, and it is riveting.
Continue reading

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