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Thanks… Charles Schulz for Franklin Armstrong … 50 years ago on July 31, 1968

On July 31, 1968, a young, black man was reading the newspaper when he saw something that he had never seen before. With tears in his eyes, he started running and screaming throughout the house, calling for his mom. He would show his mom, and, she would gasp, seeing something she thought she would never see in her lifetime. Throughout the nation, there were similar reactions.

What they saw was Franklin Armstrong‘s first appearance on the iconic comic strip “Peanuts.” Franklin would be 50 years old this year.     Continue reading

“No Preconditions”: Trump Will Meet Iran’s Rouhani “Anytime They Want”

PROFILE: Queens Book Fair promotes Youth Literacy – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Download:  Queens Book Fair promotes Youth Literacy



– July 29, 2018 – By Verian Mentis-Barker

What would be the crime, I wonder, if we were to say we were giddily pleased with the Coalitions efficient and effective Government, that they are negotiating geniuses, that their opportunity to revisit the Oil Contract with Exxon resulted in them obtaining the best possible terms with the companies bringing the crude to the surface;

  • and say matters not that the 600 blocks of oil Janet gave to Exxon-Mobil was not challenged by the Coalition re-negotiators as an irregularity by a sophisticated investor, when the Exxon knew 60 blocks was the norm and didn’t rebuff Janet’s largesse;
  • but say that Jagdeo must be out of his mind to admonish what he sees as Guyanese ingratitude to Janet whose gifting of 10 times as many blocks to the artful Exxon is the proximate reason that Guyana is now the oil find of the era….


CRICKET: England After 999-Tests: The Test moments that are remembered

Joy, Drama, Ecstasy: The Test moments English cricketers, broadcasters and journalists remember

As England’s men prepare for their 1,000th Test match this week, the great and the good recall the most memorable

The Times UK

Ian Botham: England 1977-92 and former captain

England beat Australia by seven wickets, Brisbane, November 1986

Before the first Test in Brisbane we were written off — we couldn’t bat, bowl or field. But we went out and won that and we won everything. It was the best tour I’ve been on — we won the Test series, the one-dayers and the triangular series.               Continue reading

A Ring of Heartbreak Love & Family – By Dmitri Allicock

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The Question at Large – Who is in Charge? – By Yvonne Sam

The Question at Large – Who is in Charge?

By Yvonne Sam

Is Trump’s White House— really the Right House?

A total of eleven Conservatives in the U.S. House filed a motion to impeach Rod Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General. Some have criticized this gesture deeming it an outrage. While the latter may hold some fragment of truth let us not overlook how profoundly weird the entire situation is. While the attempted impeachment of an executive branch official is atypical, there is constitutional provision and exemplar for it.      Continue reading

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Not by Trump but Obama and Democrats

via High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Not by Trump but Obama and Democrats

Increasing evidence emerges that confirms what ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern suggests was a classic off-the-shelf intelligence operation initiated during the last year of Obama’s presidency against the Trump campaign by employees of, and others associated with, the CIA, FBI, and the NS. Yet the public is being counseled to ignore possible proof of state misconduct.

The historic and unprecedented timing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of twelve Russia military intelligence officers on the eve of Trump’s meeting with Putin, was clearly meant to undercut Trump’s authority. This still did not pique the journalistic curiosity of an ostensibly independent press to at least pretend to question the possible motivation for these indictments at such a specific moment.  Continue reading

The bright side: why women fell out of love with black

For decades it has been synonymous with timeless chic – but now joyful, attention-grabbing colours are pushing it out of the wardrobe

Women in colourful clothing
 Composite: Getty/Arket/John Lewis            

New Yorkers do it. Parisians do it. Fashion types, Swedes and architects do it. In fact, name any stylish tribe and you’ll find that they do it. Wear black, that is – a colour that has come to signify so much: rigour, elegance, sex appeal, piety, formality, slenderness, even wickedness.                  Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of New York (GCA) – 2018 Awards

 Download / View: GCA Awards Announcement – 2018

2018 Awards Announcement – Guyana Cultural Association of New York

The Guyana Cultural Association of New York is pleased to announce its annual Awards. They will be presented on August 29th, 2018 to twenty-one honorees in four designations.

The guide to their being chosen was our theme: Ma’iupe = Working Together. The Spirit of Solidarity within Guyana’s Festival Arts. It is meant to celebrate our various national features which are portrayed in different festivities.

An important criterion in the selection process is a clear connection of the nominee’s body  of  work to the theme. This is an imperative except in the youth category which is defined separately.

A review of the accomplishments of the other honorees confirms an array of festival related characteristics. The most prominent ones are in the fields of performing; festival; and visual arts. Other notable features are observed through the work of cultural enablers; an education change-maker; an education enabler; and a cultural performance educator.

The Awards celebration is a salutation to our compatriots who are working with much dedication to enhance our nation. We congratulate and introduce the 2018 Awardees.


Ronald  H. Lammy

Chair, GCA Awards Committee

Ma’iupe = Working Together. The Spirit of Solidarity within Guyana’s Festival Arts

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