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Happy National Caribbean American Heritage Month – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month

June is National Caribbean American Heritage Month – a time for celebrating the legacy of Caribbean immigrants and their descendants in American history and culture. Given the silence in the mainstream media, no one seems to care.

In her June 7th article, “It’s a Month to Celebrate Caribbean Immigrants but Who Really Cares?” Felicia J. Persaud – a New York-based, Guyana-born journalist and media entrepreneur – observes that the silence on NCAHM goes beyond media outlets. Not a word, she says, from the many Caribbean-American federal and state officials from across the country. Not even from celebrities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Shaggy, and others. Persaud’s list goes on.

I understand Persaud’s concern that “if as Caribbean immigrants we show we don’t care about our own month, then no one else will.” Yet, I can appreciate the silence. We are not living in normal…

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G7 in disarray after Trump rejects communique and attacks ‘weak’ Trudeau

G7 in disarray after Trump rejects communique and attacks ‘weak’ Trudeau

Leaders believed they had a deal until the US president launched a personal attack on Canada’s prime minister

Justin Trudeau’s G7 comments that angered Donald Trump – video

Donald Trump has left the G7 network of global cooperation in disarray after he pulled the US out of a previously agreed summit communique, blaming the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau whom he derided as “dishonest and weak”.      Continue reading

Guyana SPEAKS – Arts and Politics – London – Sunday 24th June 2018 at 2pm

                 Download Flyer: Guyana Speaks – 24 June 2018

Guyana SPEAKS – London – Sunday, 24th June 2018

Please join us on Sunday, 24th June at 2pm for another Guyana SPEAKS on the topic of Art & Politics.  Our distinguished guests are: Natalie Hopkinson and Desrie Thomson-George (both in person), and Winslow Craig, who comes to us by way of a video produced in Guyana.  The latter, which has been especially recorded for Guyana SPEAKS, could not have been done without the invaluable help of Carinya Sharples and Michael Lam.    Continue reading

Reverse Transition, Venezuelan Style – Tomás Straka | Caracas Chronicles

Reverse Transition, Venezuelan Style

Tomás Straka | Caracas Chronicles

Political systems usually have a plan for everything except their end. Focused on staying in power, they exist pretty much the same way all mortals do – they are human creations, after all:

Knowing that they’ll die someday but without giving much thought to the matter of delaying it as much as possible. Just like with people, some systems are more successful than others in this task. That’s why the transition from one political system to the other is generally traumatic, like every death, and sufficiently complex as to warrant its own field of study: TRANSITOLOGY.
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Caribbean: The new dimensions of tourism – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: The new dimensions of tourism

David Jessop

Commentary – By David Jessop

In a week in which Caribbean tourism leaders have been meeting in New York to build on the strong growth that much of the industry is now experiencing, it may seem perverse to be writing about the sustainability of Caribbean tourism.

However, there is growing evidence that fundamental structural changes taking place globally in the industry are likely to raise new questions about the social and economic value tourism brings.        Continue reading

Femicide -The latest Guyanese scourge – By Yvonne Sam

Femicide -The latest Guyanese scourge

By Yvonne Sam

Who will stem the tide in the rising femicide? In the absence of a visible concrete plan everything has become seemingly out of hand.

In 2015, I wrote an article denouncing the rising femicide, and called on not only the government but also certain organizations to make efforts in ensuring that we stamped out the seeming Guyanese curse—that of our men being responsible for putting our women in the hearse.  https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2015/12/05/guyanese-women-find-themselves-in-a-catch-22-situation-2/

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