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GUYANA: Headline News…. Demerara Waves – 23 June 2018

GUYANA: Headline News Demerara Waves – 23 June 2018

Jagdeo will not give up PPP General Secretary post if CCJ rules in favour of presidential term limit …TO READ CLICK   http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/23/jagdeo-will-not-give-up-ppp-general-secretary-post-if-ccj-rules-in-favour-of-presidential-term-limit/

AFC to begin local govt election campaign, no agreement yet with APNU
TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/23/afc-to-begin-local-govt-election-campaign-no-agreement-yet-with-apnu/

Region Six students, teachers and coaches educated on sexual harassment in sport  TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK

Guyana verifies oil exploration data, as experts stress need for robust system  TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK

100 retrenched sugar workers to benefit from skills training; funding drawn from Natural Resources Ministry  TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/23/100-retrenched-sugar-workers-to-benefit-from-skills-training-funding-drawn-from-natural-resources-ministry/

‘FESTA JUNINA’ to feature donation drive for Lethem children  TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK

Earthquake rattles North-West, Essequibo Coast  TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK

Bartica housewife caught with cocaine, marijuana- police  TO READ MORE, PLEASE CLICK

The Linden Fund – Family Fun Day – Plainfield. NJ. – July 15. 2018

Download: Linden Family Fun Day 2018 flyer

Visit us at www.lindenfund.org or at www.facebook.com/lindenfundusa

But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens? – Derek Thompson | The Atlantic

But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens?

Humanity may be as few as 10 years away from discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life. Once we do, it will only deepen the mystery of where alien intelligence might be hiding.

Derek Thompson | The Atlantic

Enrico Fermi was an architect of the atomic bomb, a father of radioactivity research, and a Nobel Prize–winning scientist who contributed to breakthroughs in quantum mechanics and theoretical physics. But in the popular imagination, his name is most commonly associated with one simple, three-word question, originally meant as a throwaway joke to amuse a group of scientists discussing UFOs at the Los Alamos lab in 1950: Where is everybody?

Fermi wasn’t the first person to ask a variant of this question about alien intelligence. But he owns it. The query is known around the world as the Fermi paradox. It’s typically summarized like this:     Continue reading

A Child Does NOT Cry in Spanish or English. A Child Simply Cries, and We Respond – Oscar Cásares | The Washington Post

A Child Does NOT Cry in Spanish or English. A Child Simply Cries, and We Respond.

Oscar Cásares | The Washington Post

They were NOT my children. So why on earth would I want to listen to seven minutes of an audio recording of small children crying for their mommies and daddies?

Children from Mexico and Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador, children separated from their families at the U.S.A. border, children who weren’t from here. But everyone around me kept listening to the recording and asking:

Did you hear it? And each time I nodded, not because I’d heard it but because it was sad, all of it, and I didn’t need to listen to a recording to know this. Still, it made me wonder if it would help me understand the sadness in a different way. I told myself I’d listen only once, but once turned into twice, and after the third time, I couldn’t stop listening. I listened until the back of my head rang with the grating clarity of their little voices.
Continue reading

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