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Guyana: Demerara Waves Headline News – 27 June 2018

Guyana: Demerara Waves Headline News – 27 June 2018

Japan funds renewable energy projects for Guyana, CARICOM headquarters  http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/27/japan-funds-renewable-energy-projects-for-guyana-caricom-headquarters/


Govt takes back control of Public Service Coop Credit Union; multimillion dollar queries surfacehttp://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/27/govt-takes-back-control-of-public-service-coop-credit-union-multimillion-dollar-queries-surface/


Jagdeo recognises CCJ term limit ruling; identifies qualities of PPP presidential candidate


CCJ term limit ruling good for Guyana, PPP but bad for Jagdeo- analysts


CCJ ruling in favour of presidential term limits is good for Guyana- Fmr. President Donald Ramotar

Guyana Politics: Jagdeo cannot be Prime Minister either – prominent attorney explains

Jagdeo cannot be Prime Minister either – prominent attorney explains

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo

This became pellucid yesterday after prominent Attorney-at-Law Sanjeev J. Datadin explained that the Constitution bars anyone who is ineligible of being President from being Prime Minister as well.

In an invited comment, Datadin said, “Article 101 subparagraph 1 of the Constitution is clear, very clear, that a person who is not eligible to be President is similarly not eligible to be Prime Minister. I think it would be difficult for an alternative interpretation of that article to be successful. In fact, there can be no alternative interpretation by anyone.”     Continue reading

Profile: O, Anthony Bourdain – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

O, Anthony Bourdain – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Anthony Bourdain

You told us, ‘Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don’t have.’ You had character, were irreverent at times, told our stories with honesty and gusto and were uncompromising in your quest to give a voice to the voiceless. We turned off the television when they put on your shows as a tribute. We had seen them all before. You had us glued for the next installment when you waved the wand and explored another culture at the dining table.

There are many stories within the story and they bring us closer to our own humanity, to that place where we realize that we have more in common with each other.

READ MORE: Anthony Bourdain

Linden Fund USA – 4th Annual Parade of Hats – Brooklyn NY – August 18. 2018

Guyana Politics: CCJ Rules Against Third Term for Jagdeo

No third term for Jagdeo      …as CCJ rules in favour of Presidential limit

Jun 27, 2018 – Kaieteur News – By Rehanna Ramsay

A majority 6-1 ruling handed down by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is set to have far-reaching effects on the current and future Presidents of Guyana.

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

The CCJ, a Trinidad-based final appellate court, in a majority decision yesterday upheld an amendment to Constitution, which bars Presidents of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana from serving more than two terms in office.

The ruling, in essence, set aside the judgments of two lower Guyanese Courts, (High Court and Court of Appeal), which handed down decisions in favour of Cedric Richardson, a citizen of Guyana.     Continue reading

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