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Guyana Cultural Association of New York (GCA)- Awards 2018 – Call for Nominations

2018  Guyana Cultural Association of New York Awards 
2018 Theme
Ma’iupe  = “Working Together.”
The Spirit of 
within Guyana’s  
Festival Arts 
Guyana Cultural Association of New York  (GCA) hosts its annual Awards Ceremony on August 29, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY.  A three-year Festival program has been  launched under the theme: Ma’iupe = Working Together. The Spirit of Solidarity within Guyana’s Festival Arts. It is the starting point of portraying  our various celebratory  features while living under one national identity. We continue our established and  unwavering acknowledgment and commendation of Guyanese who have contributed to our heritage.

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School’s out! The verdict is in! – By Yvonne Sam

School’s out!  The verdict is in!

By Yvonne Sam

Even in summer learning must continue to flow, if our kids are to forward go. `

School will soon be over for the year.  Here comes Summer!–Days are becoming longer, and the sun is positioned higher in the sky.  our children’s thoughts are now turned  to video games, skateboarding, swimming, mall hopping and bike riding.

Yes, school is out and parents will be  looking for things to keep their children occupied. Unfortunately for far too many kids, summer vacation is a time for forgetting. The saying “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,’ is apt as kids who do not keep in touch with academics, especially reading over the summer regress. Their hard-earned reading skills decline.          Continue reading

It’s Not Our Job to Understand ‘Trump Voters’ – Dartagnan | Daily Kos

It’s Not Our Job to Understand ‘Trump Voters’

All of these objects of our concern are male, most often white male. But they are no longer the majority, and that’s the point. 

Dartagnan | Daily Kos  

Rebecca Solnit, whom the New York Times once tagged as the “Voice of the Resistance” is an American writer and contributing Editor at Harper’s magazine. I’m not sure the “Resistance” has a single, or even a particular “voice”, but be that as it may

This past month she wrote an essay for the Literary Hub which correctly flags one of the most persistent and pernicious myths propagated by the media and other cultural markers in this country: 

That there is a hardscrabble, homespun “Real America” out there that we as liberals need to be paying more attention to.
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News Americas – Caribbean And Latin America News – June 15. 2018

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