Guyana: Liana Cane Furniture – a factory promoting Micro-Economic Development


HGPTV (Channel16 Cable67) – January 13, 2016


Now here is a story about Liana Cane Furniture that was published in 2008.

One Factory, One Forest: Design, Ecology and Micro-Economic Development in Guyana …  by William Gordon

BY CORE JRDEC 02, 2008

Images for Liana Cane factory  < click here

For the past year I have been developing furniture with a factory named Liana Cane in Georgetown, Guyana. As I write this, a chair I designed there a year ago is sitting in a container on a dock in New Jersey waiting to get through customs. I have been waiting a long time to see this chair and for this project to be completed. My excitement is combined with the anticipation of returning to Guyana in January to work on a new project in the rainforest, and is checked by the long road ahead to get the products I have already designed to market.   

Once the chair is released from customs, I’ll then have to negotiate with an irate man named Lennox who kept it—and several other items—as stowaways in his container; he will have to bear the burden of the overages and duties that are building everyday as it sits on the dock. It has been delayed by U.S. customs looking for drugs in products from Guyana—just one of the many barriers to trade when you live in small, developing economies.   [Read more]

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