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GUYANA – Latest News from various sources – January 22, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 22 January 2016  – Kaieteur News

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Climate change: 2015 ‘shattered’ global temperature record by wide margin – BBC

Climate change: 2015 ‘shattered’ global temperature record by wide margin

Image captionGlobal temperature anomalies in 2015: Many parts of the world have experienced significantly higher temperatures than the average through 2015

Global temperatures in 2015 were the warmest on record, according to data published by meteorologists in the UK and US.

The Met Office figures show that 2015 was 0.75C warmer than the long-term average between 1961-1990.  Continue reading

New Book: CHILDREN of WATOOKA – A Story of British Guiana – By Steve Connolly

CHILDREN of  WATOOKA – A Story of British Guiana

Children of WatookaBy Steve Connolly

Step into an extraordinary and fascinating world … little known, but immensely remarkable and hollering for attention … formerly British Guiana, now Guyana. Learn about the country’s captivating history from before slavery/indenture through to modern times. Learn about some of its outstanding people both within/without the country.

Entwining history with people, the book is a ‘story of stories’. Over eighty-five people of five races have contributed to make fascinating reading. Five notable people have endorsed the content.

Follow the stories of Guyanese people, as well as of expatriates from Britain, Canada, Holland and the U.S., and, particularly those of the Canadian Connolly family, as the centre of the more general story focuses throughout the middle of the twentieth century in the village of Watooka nestled in the former rainforest area of Mackenzie, now known as Linden.   Continue reading

Rum, tears and karaoke – By David McAlmont

Rum, tears and karaoke  – By David McAlmont 

20140120diaspora(David McAlmont is a recording artiste, writer and historian living in London. His collaborations in London have included David Arnold, Bernard Butler, Michael Nyman, Courtney Pine and Guy Davies with whom he has formed the duo Fingersnap; they visited Guyana in  December 2015 to perform at the G-Jazz Festival at Georgetown’s Theatre Guild. David’s mother is Guyanese. He resided in Berbice, Wismar, Grove, Craig and Georgetown between 1978 and 1987.)  

“But David you just disappeared!” Sean Bhola (a giant talent back then whom I sang and performed with at church) to me in the grounds of the Theatre Guild in the Kingston borough of Georgetown, Guyana.

Time may have well have stood still here, in some respects, but this is hardly a town that time has forgotten. Sean tells me that it hasn’t changed. Indeed, now that Guy (my collaborator in the London voice and piano duo, Fingersnap) and I have concluded our musical duties, I get beyond Queenstown and Kingston to reacquaint myself with the wider city layout.   Continue reading

Guyana – Government News Brief – January 20, 2016

GINA logoGuyana – Government News Brief – January 20, 2016

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