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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – June 1-2. 2018

News – 02 June 2018

Four GGMC workers die during six-month period- exposure to mercury emission blamed

NDIA leaves project open to collusion between contractor and supervisory firm – PPP.s Edghill

Govt. must consult with Parliament, citizenry on investment policy for SWF…IMF says this is necessary to reduce the risk of unilateral decisions

Stabroek Block contractors get “cost recovery galore” for gas operations

GBTI records $1.5B in profit… A rocky year dented by $940M fraud, charges for Directors

Man remanded for murder after living a fugitive for 18 years

GRA seizes over 50 cases of Absolut, Yellow Tail Vodka in smuggling raid

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Knowing when to retire -The great philosophical decision – by Freddie Kissoon

The great philosophical decision of Zinedine Zidine

Freddie Kissoon

Jun 02, 2018  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon

Days after winning one of the coveted football championships in the world as coach of Real Madrid, its iconic coach Zinedine Zidine has resigned. It will go on as the greatest irony in sports anywhere in the world in recent memory.
If you look at it from a sports angle, you may not understand his motive but if you use the philosophical approach, you may realize this was a sensible psychological decision that all humans should consider if they are in a similar position as Zidine.      Continue reading

Book: Journey Back to Watooka by Steve Connolly – Book Release – Lanham MD – June 9. 2018

Steve Connolly – Details 

Skilled trade workers: Degrees and the Economy –  By Yvonne Sam

Skilled trade workers: Degrees and the Economy

  By Yvonne Sam

While millions of students rack up startlinguniversity debts and gain no skills, millions of high-paying trade jobs sit empty.

I know for a fact that as I begin to indite that I may arouse the anger or the awe of some who sincerely think and feel that I should know better. There are many people on the left side of the spectrum who will tend to dismiss my opinion deeming it biased and unfair. From their perspective, it appears that I am endeavoring to belittle their institutions wherein bright young students can receive diplomas in agenda –driven activism and victim-hood. No one seems to think that skilled blue-collar careers are worth looking into. Blue collar jobs are for losers.     Continue reading

Canada Just Learned that Trump’s United States is the World’s Worst Friend – opinion

Canada Just Learned that Trump’s United States is the World’s Worst Friend

The administration’s ruling on tariffs shows that the U.S.A. has more respect for its enemies than its good neighbors, so why bother being a pal?

Stephen Marche | The Washington Post

Being close to the United States of America is sort of like having the world’s lousiest friend. In the ordinary course of business, it belittles you, ignores you, takes you for granted. When it needs you, when it’s in the middle of an emergency, it shows up expecting you to drop everything. Then, the moment it has what it wants, it forgets you ever existed.

Canadians are used to dealing with an unpredictable and occasionally insane neighbor to the south, but Thursday’s announcement that the United States would impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Canada, Mexico and the European Union was a true friendship deal-breaker. American foreign policy is becoming a study in how to lose friends and alienate people, how to turn ancient allegiances into fraught conflicts for the vaguest of possible motivations.          Continue reading

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