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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – June 5-6. 2018

News – 06 June 2018

Queens NY: Guyana-born couple charged with welfare fraud

GECOM Chairman accuses PPP of injecting race into preparations for LGE

Mae’s to apologise to student over indigenous dress incident

ExxonMobil submits padded list to Gov’t on local content

ExxonMobil refused to provide Opposition Leader with Info

Businesswoman charged for drug trafficking, escaping from police station

After more than three decades in fishing, exporting… Over 350 workers given notice as BEV calls it a day

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Looking Beyond Mae’s – Now the Government should have their say! – By Yvonne Sam

Looking Beyond Mae’s – Now the Government should have their say!

By Yvonne Sam

The incident may have served to reveal how some Guyanese towards each other feel.  Social cohesion could well be a delusion.

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers, an ancient proverb of the Kikuyu people, a tribal group in Kenya, Africa, is as applicable today in the Mae school case as when the words were first spoken, perhaps thousands of years ago. We have all been caught up in the highly controversial incident surrounding a student who was reportedly turned away from the school for being attired in his Indigenous wear, which was deemed “inappropriate.” The outfit was being worn during the school’s Cultural day Celebration.       Continue reading

 Guyana – Demerara Waves Online News – 05 June 2018

 Guyana -Demerara Waves Online News – 05 June 2018   

Auditor takes control of information from Guyana Public Service Coop Credit Union; ousted committee members booked for Trinidad confab …. TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/05/auditor-takes-control-of-information-from-guyana-public-service-coop-credit-union-ousted-committee-members-booked-for-trinidad-confab/

Venezuela to join Guyana at World Court over Essequibo for “procedural issues” ….TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/05/venezuela-to-join-guyana-at-world-court-over-essequibo-for-procedural-issues/

Oil sector’s local content includes garbage disposal, professional services, Bourda market purchases… TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK  http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/05/oil-sectors-local-content-includes-garbage-disposal-professional-services-bourda-market-purchases/

GECOM meeting breaks down as PPP’s Robeson Benn, Chairman clash over racial composition ….TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/05/gecom-meeting-breaks-down-as-ppps-robeson-benn-chairman-clash-over-racial-composition/

Some retrenched fish processors to be employed by other seafood companies …TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/05/some-retrenched-fish-processors-to-be-employed-by-other-seafood-companies/

Barbadian ship to purchase Guyana’s produce …TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK  http://demerarawaves.com/2018/06/05/barbadian-ship-to-purchase-guyanas-produce/

Book: The Mute’s Masquerade – by Anne Coltman 

New Book: The Mute’s Masquerade – May 16, 2018

Available in Hardcopy, Paperback and eBook from Amazon

Alistair Collins never wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, something that greatly disappointed the elder Major Collins. A talented musician like his mother, Alistair looked forward to a successful career in music. But when tragedy struck at home, grief mixed with guilt and despair changed the course of the musicians life and propelled him into the army and to a war that gave rise to a man he no longer knew.

His struggle to regain his career and sanity in the aftermath of an unfortunate accident in the Gulf War and his constant battle with post-traumatic stress disorder added to the agony of his life. Forced to live in silence, his life had no meaning until his accidental encounter with the young talented musician Yvee Benton.    Continue reading

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