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Minibus Operators in Guyana: Fear and Funniness

Minibus Operators in Guyana: Fear and Funniness

Jun 11, 2018 Kaieteur News – Columnists, Peeping Tom

Guyana can be a funny place. Imagine minibus drivers are protesting the increase in fuel prices and are calling for an increase in fares.

The East Coast drivers kicked off the protest a few days ago. They assembled at a location. Later, there was a blockage of the railway embankment road, even though there was no mention of who did this. It was said that the reason for the blockage of the road was to prevent those buses who were working from doing so. Another group was calling on the government to drop the prices of fuel or increase fares, even if it was by $20.Now, the minibus operators do not need to protest to raise transportation fares.   [Note: US$1 = appox. G$200] Continue reading

Guyana: Looking at the impact of ExxonMobil – By Adam Harris

Looking at the impact of ExxonMobil – By Adam Harris

Guyana has been a poor country for a long time, although to look at and to talk to the people, you would believe that Guyanese are like everyone else. Indeed, we find money to enjoy ourselves and we dress to emulate those who live in the affluent countries.

There are those of us who feel that life should be better if only we could get better pay. We seek to work with companies that pay better than others because we value our labour.

However, we still have the problem of people refusing to take certain jobs regardless of their qualification. It goes without saying that many are not qualified for the jobs they want, but to them that is not important.    Continue reading

Arts and Culture: Pratap Pawar: The Prince of Kathak! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

PROFILE: Pratap Pawar: The Prince of Kathak! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Pratap Pawar

If Birju Maharaj is the King, then Pratap Pawar has to be Prince! Birju Maharaj is legendary for his exposition of Kathak and for taking the art worldwide. He is in his eighties and shows no signs of retirement. Birju travels widely and gives classes to anyone that is interested in Kathak. His students are to be found in all corners of the world.

In the fifties, a young lad was introduced to the Master. It was the symphony of souls, the appearance of the Guru to signal the readiness of the disciple. Thus began the journey of Guruji Pratap Pawar as he scaled his own crests and brought joy to the heart of his Guru. When India wanted to give cultural aid to the Caribbean Indira Gandhi identified Guyana as the first entry. A cultural center was established and Pratap was chosen as the first resident artist.

READ MORE: Pratap Pawar- Pratap Pawar- The Prince of Kathak! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Trump Goes to War Against the Democracies – David Frum | The Atlantic

Trump Goes to War Against the Democracies

Throughout the G7 summit, the brittle pretense of unity held together. Then came the tweets.

David Frum | The Atlantic

“He’s like Heath Ledger’s Joker — but without the operational excellence.” That was the grim after-action assessment of one senior G7 official with whom I spoke in the shocked aftermath of President Donald Trump’s savage post-summit tweets.

To the very last minute, the Charlevoix summit seemed business-no-worse-than-usual. Trump had arrived at the summit in a credible semblance of a jolly mood. He joked about where he would site the condos if he redeveloped the hosting hotel. He assured the other heads of governments not to mind the false reports in the media. We’re all still friends, he said. We’re going to make a deal.
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