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GUYANA: Cabinet approves G$60,000 minimum wage for private sector employees – Pres. Ali

June 16, 2022 – https://newsroom.gy/

After two years of discussing an increase in the minimum wage of private sector employees from G$44,200 to G$60,000, President Dr Irfaan Ali on Thursday evening announced that it has been approved by the cabinet. This increase to G$60,00 is approximately US$300 per month at the exchange rate of 200-1.

“Cabinet has agreed with the recommendation of the tripartite committee and that is, we are in support of the minimum wage, that is, the $60,000…” President Ali said while addressing the 74th commemoration of the Enmore Martyrs.

The minimum wage was increased to G$44,200 in 2017 from G$35,000.              Continue reading

GUYANA: Moves to strengthen economic relations between Guyana & USA

The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and the Private Sector Commission (PSC) have pledged to leverage their combined resources to strengthen economic relations between the United States and Guyana.

This is made possible through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities earlier this month in Houston, Texas.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharrat, US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch, ExxonMobil executives Dr. John Ardill and Alistair Routledge, and CEO of Go-Invest Guyana Dr. Peter Ramsaroop.      Continue reading

MovieTowne Guyana sets sights on end of August for launch of cinemas+ some concessions

  • developer blames government ‘red tape’ for delays

MovieTowne – Guyana

[Stabroek News – 13 June 2018] – Although bemoaning the government “red tape” and other issues that have slowed the completion of the US$45m MovieTowne Guyana at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, developer Derek Chin has announced that he and his partners are working towards opening the eight cinemas and some concessions at the facility by the end of August, while the others, including the Hard Rock Café, will be opened by year end.

Chin, the Trinidadian founder and Chairman of the MovieTowne franchise, made the announcement yesterday when a site visit was held for the Private Sector Commission (PSC).     Continue reading

Guyana Elections: Dr. Yesu Persaud wants to see change urges Constitution reform

Dr. Yesu Persaud wants to see change urges Constitution reform

April 19, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under News

Dr. Yesu Persaud

Dr. Yesu Persaud

One of the country’s most prominent businessmen, Dr. Yesu Persaud, believes that the time has come for a change and for the country’s Constitution to be reformed.

Dr. Yesu Persaud, who built the Demerara Distillers Limited into a powerhouse with its world renowned, award winning El Dorado rum line and soft drinks and created Demerara Bank and the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED), has been critical for some time about the Constitution which he argued gives the Government too much power without accountability.

In return, he has also been scathingly criticized by the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) for his comments.  Continue reading

Radio-TV: PSC demands equitable elections campaign access for Opposition

Radio-TV: PSC demands equitable elections campaign access for Opposition

Jagdeo’s illegal radio licences refuse to die…

March 28, 2015 | By – issue seen as critical to fair elections
President Donald Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

The unfair distribution of radio licences by the ruling party in late 2011 to mainly close friends, shortly before General Elections, continues to raise significant concerns among the Opposition.

Now, more than three years later as early elections looms, the issue is continuing to embarrass the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).

This is because political parties have been complaining incessantly of being refused access to the radio stations and even television operations closely linked to Government.
The matter is so serious that the business advocacy body, the Private Sector Commission (PSC), has written President Donald Ramotar, urging him to take action to ensure equitable coverage for political parties, during the lead up to the General Elections on May 11, and afterwards. Continue reading

Stop attacking citizens who identify corruption – Business chief tells Govt.

Stop attacking citizens who identify corruption – Business chief tells Govt.

December 5, 2014 | By KNews | By Kiana Wilburg

PSC Chairman, Ramesh Persaud

PSC Chairman, Ramesh Persaud

While Guyana showed marginal improvement in its corruption perception score in an international report, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Persaud says that he is concerned that the perceived level of corruption is too high.

On this premise, he called on the government to “stop the attacks, character assassination and vilification of citizens who have identified corruption as a serious problem that needs urgent and radical state intervention to stem its disastrous consequences for economic development”.
The 2014 Annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI) was released on Wednesday and out of the 175 countries surveyed by the body, Guyana ranked 124th, with a score of 30 (0 being highly corrupt;100 being very clean.) Continue reading

The anti-money laundering legislation … Opposition wants Bill to address white collar crimes – Granger

The anti-money laundering legislation … Opposition wants Bill to address white collar crimes – Granger
– Private sector urges speedy passage

The Opposition remains firm in its position not to make way for passage of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMT/CFT) Bill unless it is sure that Guyana is being given the best legislation, capable enough to deal with a range of white collar crimes. This is even in the face of pleas from the Private Sector Commission (PSC).

Yesterday the PSC published a whole page advertisement indicating the impact that the absence of the Bill is having on businesses.
The advertisement asked that parliamentarians “approve the measures in whatever form to avoid the disastrous effects on the country’s business sector and the average Guyanese citizen.”
A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Leader, Brigadier David Granger, had long held the position that this Bill “must” address all the inadequacies of the first piece of legislation and not be just another ornament “just to say we have it.”   Continue reading

PSC calls for a comprehensive approach to deal with the garbage situation – video

PSC calls for a comprehensive approach to deal with the garbage situation

April 11, 2013 {Capitol News}:  President of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ronald Webster said the current state of the city with garbage overflowing into the streets leaves much more to be desired.

Webster said the PSC has been actively involved with several organizations, looking at projects aimed at cleaning and maintaining the environment.

He’s calling for a comprehensive plan to deal with solid waste management and landfill sites.  Continue reading

Ramotar seeks private sector input in corruption fight

Ramotar seeks private sector input in corruption fight

JUNE 29, 2012 | BY 

Corruption has been identified as one of the major impediments to good business in the Guyanese economy and, both the Government and the private sector have agreed to stamp out the practices beginning at the “top.”

When the Private Sector Commission (PSC) met at the Pegasus Hotel yesterday for their 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM), fingers were pointed at both the public and private sector, where examples of corruption can be found.

President Donald Ramotar who was invited as a guest speaker at yesterday’s meeting didn’t turn a blind eye to the fact that corrupt practices exist within government sectors in situations, where officials use positions of influence to frustrate persons conducting legitimate business.
“We have fought corruption in the past and we will continue to do so.  We will try to get to both the corrupted and the corrupter. Both are criminally culpable.  In the case of corruption within the public sector, the corrupted is a public official who demands something in return for a favour,” President Ramotar said.  [more]

Private Sector official points to indications of wonderful Christmas

Private Sector official points to indications of wonderful Christmas
Written by Telesha Persaud –  Guyana Chronicle
Friday, 09 December 2011 03:44
–  from next Saturday, Delta Airlines will be flying seven days a week into Guyana
– businesses in Georgetown back to normalcy following elections 

LEADING Private Sector official, Captain Gerry Gouveia is optimistic that the country will see a “wonderful” Christmas this time around, as a significant number of Guyanese are, presently, busy preparing for the season.

Captain Gerry Gouveia (left)

The owner of Roraima Airways and a number of other businesses spoke with the Guyana Chronicle at his Duke Lodge, in Kingston, Georgetown.
He declared that Christmas “is already upon us”.  “It’s getting more and more busy” and the country is now seeing an increased number of tourists.
Gouveia said a lot of people are travelling to Kaieteur Falls and the various resorts and, from December 17, Delta Airlines will be flying seven days a week into Guyana.
This period will also see many overseas Guyanese returning home to spend holidays with their families and friends. “It will be a wonderful Christmas in Guyana,” he reiterated, adding that a “tremendous amount of people are booking” to come home.      read more

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