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Mr Jagdeo’s statement at the funeral – commentary

Mr Jagdeo’s statement at the funeral

Posted By Staff Writer On April 15, 2013  Editorial |  Comments

Former presidents in democratic societies, particularly those who have relinquished power voluntarily and within the construct of constitutional provisions are always looked upon as a reserve of moral authority and as elder statesmen who in times of crises and societal tensions can be relied upon to help bridge divides. They are supposed to become repositories of the wisdom gleaned during their years at the helm and as figures capable of reaching out to all sectors. This is particularly so of ceremonial presidents but there is no reason why in our unique system of governance our former presidents cannot play a similar role.

It doesn’t seem, however, as if former President Jagdeo sees such a part for himself. Indeed, from his most injudicious and unseemly remarks on Thursday at the funeral of Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud he appears to have a totally different view of his role i.e. to whip up societal angst in the interest of the PPP’s electoral fortunes and for his own purposes.   Continue reading

Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election

Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election

Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro

Monday, 15 April 2013 – Demerara Waves

(CARICOM NEWS NETWORK).- CARACAS, Venezuela, Monday April 15, 2013 – Caribbean heads of government breathed a collective sigh of relief on Sunday night as Venezuelans voted to honor Hugo Chavez’s dying wish for Nicolas Maduro to continue his socialist revolution.

Ruling party candidate Nicolas Maduro won Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday with 51 percent of votes, the electoral authority said, allowing him to carry forward the socialist policies of the late Hugo Chavez.

Maduro’s young challenger, Miranda state Governor Henrique Capriles, took 49 percent of the ballots, the authority said, in a tighter-than-expected vote.    Continue reading

Farewell to Mervin Edwards – By Eusi Kwayana

Farewell to Mervin Edwards

By Eusi Kwayana

The gathering today is to say farewell to the spirit of a younger villager,  Brother Mervin Edwards, well known as Murro.

You will get the details of his birth and his marriage, and his places of residence; his various occupations between schooldays and maturity and this tragic event of his passing.

His Mother was a hard-working, extremely dignified Woman of Brush Dam.

He had a large supply from birth of natural intelligence which he used as he grew and developed, It is always satisfying to be able to see this kind of sharpness of mind and intelligence coming from the homes of ordinary, poor Guyanese people. There have been times when people, of African descent in particular, were dismissed as being below human capacity.    Continue reading

Poem of the Week – Out of the Burn – Mark D’Arcy Steele

Mark Steele

Mark Steele

Poem of the Week:

By: Mark D’Arcy Steele (formerly of Georgetown, British Guiana)

Out of the Burn ©

Time has passed, years of

memories, some sad,

others full

of hope and fondness,

for and of a country that was ours

in which  we twice cried

as we watched  our wooden city burn.

Now scattered far and wide         Continue reading