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The 2013 budget – commentary

The 2013 budget

Stabroek News – On April 1, 2013 n Editorial

What separates this year’s budget from recent renderings is the clutch of budgetary measures inclusive of amendments to the tax regime. The trend in previous years had been for broad declaratory policies and statements with few if any budgetary measures.

Do these additional measures hint that the government believes it has to be at the ready for an early election? The other brooding unknown is what will happen in Parliament during the consideration of the estimates amid the clear intent of the opposition to assert the Assembly’s right to cut allocations. Will an Appropriations Bill be presented and passed and if not what happens?

Those heady unknowns aside, at the macro-economic level, the budget is of interest to just a handful. The real engagement prevails at the level of the individual and how their circumstances might be improved or not as a result of the measures unveiled.   Continue reading