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House passes education, justice and agriculture allocations uncut

House passes education, justice and agriculture  allocations uncut

Parliament Building

Parliament Building

Demerara Waves – Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The National Assembly has unanimously passed the budget allocations for the education, justice and agriculture sectors without amendments.

Consideration of the estimates began on Tuesday following the ruling of Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman that the Assembly did have the power to reduce allocations as the opposition parties had signalled they would do.

Only one allocation, that of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), had been proposed to be cut. The AFC had proposed to reduce the $1.4B allocation to $585M. The opposition parties noted the Auditor General’s recommendation that the agency should have its own accounting body instead of its funds being run through the central ministry yet the practice continued.           Continue reading

Toronto-based Alumni Associations – Membership and Alumni Participation

                                                     PRESS RELEASE

Toronto-based Alumni Associations of Guyana join forces to promote Membership and Alumni Participation

Encouraged by the success of their annual Last Lap Lime event, a collaborative effort over the last 17 years, the alumni associations of Bishops’ High School, St.Joseph’s High School, St.Rose’s High School, St. Stanislaus College and Queen’s College (Guyanese secondary institutions) are partnering once more to collectively address the common challenge of membership growth and increased involvement by alumni. The Associations have embarked on several joint strategies to meet this challenge.

 New members to the Associations will become part of the networks of friendship and personal support and join the efforts of fellow alumni in “giving back” to their alma maters, helping to make a difference in the lives of the children of Guyana.  Alumni newcomers to Canada will further benefit from interacting with professional alumni who can offer advice on settlement, the job market, employment and networking opportunities.           Continue reading

A perfect storm – the radio broadcast licences – commentary

In the DiasporaBy Dr Arif Bulkan

Stabroek News – APRIL 15, 2013 · BY  · 
Dr. Arif Bulkan teaches constitutional law and Caribbean human rights law at the St. Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies

The forced disclosure of the Prime Minister that on the eve of demitting office in November 2011, former President Jagdeo issued ten radio broadcast licences in his discretion, brings to mind the concept of a ‘perfect storm’. This refers to a natural phenomenon whereby a series of aggravating circumstances combine to produce one monster event. Jagdeo’s decision to issue those licences was a perfect storm of lawlessness, for it embodied simultaneously a series of unconstitutional and otherwise unlawful acts, all of which are integral aspects of PPP-style governance.

These include their intolerance of criticism, their serial disregard for the law, the nepotism that overshadows employment decisions and government spending, and a shameless policy of racial discrimination targeted at the country’s Afro-descendants. Issuing those licences must have been among the last of Jagdeo’s official acts, and it was wholly in keeping with a tenure that caused Nadira Jagan to lament, shortly after Jagdeo left office, that her parents must be turning in their graves.   Continue reading

Radio licences protests taken to Office of the President

Radio licences protests taken to Office of the President

APRIL 16, 2013 | BY  |  By: Romila Boodram

“…the protest will continue until Ramotar clears the air on this issue,” says Glenn Lall, Publisher of Kaieteur News

Media operatives, backed by concerned supporters, took their protest to the Office of the President yesterday to demand the withdrawal of radio and cable licenses granted under questionable circumstances by former President Bharrat Jagdeo.

The protest was staged to coincide with a scheduled meeting at Office of the President between President Donald Ramotar and members of the Opposition over the proposed budget cuts.

The peaceful protest saw the presence of Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall; Charles Griffith, a Director at the privately-run Hoyte Blackman Television (HBTV) Channel Nine and veteran broadcaster, Enrico Woolford.
Bearing placards, the protestors stood quietly on the parapet on Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, opposite the President’s Office. A senior police rank initially demanded that the protestors remove. He even called for “back up” but none ever arrived.  Continue reading

Speaker rules opposition has power to cut budget

APRIL 16, 2013 · BY  · 122 COMMENTS

Raphael Trotman

Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman this afternoon ruled that the National Assembly has the power to amend the budgetary allocations stating that the House cannot be bound by a preliminary ruling of the High Court that stated the contrary.

Trotman, who convened parliament almost an hour after the 2pm scheduled start date, said that if the National Assembly can only approve or disapprove the budget then there is no need to go through the estimates of expenditure as has been argued as this would just be a minute’s work.

The historic ruling, which came as a result of the country entering ‘uncharted’ waters following the PPP/C’s failing to get the majority in the House following the 2011 election, was greeted with  desk thumping from members of the Opposition while those on the Government side sat with stony faces.           Continue reading