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Budget 2013 – Christopher Ram replies to Power & Light Co. Management

Only $1,000M was requested for GPL’s operations and the National Assembly approved that; the warning of a tariff increase is nothing but scare tactics

APRIL 24, 2013 · Stabroek News · COMMENTS
Dear Editor,

Now more than ever I lose hope and faith in our politicians whose words speak louder than their action. But then I see some dishonesty, chicanery or fabrication that upsets me and makes me take up my pen.

In today’s (April 23) Stabroek News Messrs Brassington and Bharat Dindyal, Chairman and CEO respectively of the mismanaged Guyana Power & Light Inc are threatening a 17% tariff increase because of the $5.2 billion cut by the National Assembly. The reasons they give are so dishonest that I cannot help but recall the feigned outrage by Messrs ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur and Martin Goolsarran when the NCN subsidy was cut last year.

Mr Dindyal was reckless enough to accuse the parliamentary opposition of “a poor understanding of the company’s operations.”            Continue reading

Budget 2013: Government agrees to tripartite budget committee

Gov’t agrees to tripartite budget committee

By Kwesi Isles Demerara Waves  – Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:17

The government has agreed to establish a tripartite budget committee with the parliamentary opposition parties in a move that could avoid a third year of political wrangling over the nation’s finances.

Leader of the Opposition David Granger made the announcement after the passage of the 2013 budget in the National Assembly Wednesday night. The opposition parties had called for a tripartite arrangement since December 2011.

“We met President Donald Ramotar on two occasions in an attempt to ensure that this budgetary process would go more smoothly and at least one thing has come out of it, he has agreed that from the first of July 2013 he will initiate a process by which the opposition is more closely associated with the preparation of the budget,” Granger told the House.   Continue reading

Budget 2013: National Assembly approves $177.4B budget

 National Assembly approves $177.4B budget

Written by Kwesi Isles – Demerara Waves
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 23:28

The National Assembly Wednesday night [April 24] approved a GUY$177.4B (US$877.2M) national budget, some 15 percent lighter than the estimates presented by the government a month ago.

The combined opposition used its majority to evince a $19B cut in a $20B allocation earmarked for the Low Carbon Development Strategy pushing the total cuts to $31.35B. Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh had presented a $208.8 budget proposal to the House on March 25.

The LCDS cut represented the largest in this year’s budget as it had in 2012. The money was to be used as Guyana’s stake in the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project and would have originated from the biodiversity agreement Guyana has with Norway.   Continue reading