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TED Talks on marriage, love, cheating and commitment – 2 videos

Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage

In this funny, casual talk from TEDx, writer Jenna McCarthy shares surprising research on how marriages (especially happy marriages) really work. One tip: Do not try to win an Oscar for best actress.(Filmed at TEDxAmericanRiviera.)

Jenna McCarthy writes about relationships, marriage and parenting. Full bio »


Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat    Continue reading

The hidden power of siblings – Jeff Kluger

The hidden power of siblings – Jeff Kluger

Were you the favorite child, the wild child or the middle child? At TEDxAsheville, Jeffrey Kluger explores the profound life-long bond between brothers and sisters, and the influence of birth order, favoritism and sibling rivalry. (Filmed at TEDxAsheville.)

A senior editor of science and technology reporting at TIME magazine, Jeffrey Kluger has written books on a wide range of science subjects, including the Polio vaccine, Apollo 13 and the effect of sibling relationships. Full bio »

The power of one – Joyce Roush – TED Talk video

Joyce Roush – The power of one

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2011 – TED Talk

In her 37 years as a registered nurse, Joyce has been present at over 1000 patient deaths. Having worked in the area of trauma, hospice and organ donation, Joyce knows the power of each person’s life and death. Her familiarity with the dying has inspired her to commit her life to the living. In 1998, while working a coordinator for the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, Joyce made the decision to donate one of her own kidneys to a complete stranger, not realizing, at the time that she would be the first person in America to become a “Good Samaritan Organ Donor.”

The news of Joyce’s donation, performed at John Hopkins Medical Center traveled throughout the United States and the world. Her story was featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, and hundreds of newspapers and other magazine as well as being interviewed on such programs as the Today Show and The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.  Continue reading

The first space-to-earth musical collaboration + Space Station Tour – 2 videos

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield with the Bare Naked Ladies and a choir.

 Out of this world music video.

Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station singing his song with the Bare Naked Ladies and a choir.

 Make …The first space-to-earth musical collaboration.

View.. Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies: I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)

Published on Feb 12, 2013 –  http://www.cbcmusic.ca

The Barenaked Ladies, a children’s choir, and the commander of the International Space Station. Put them together and what do you get?  …  The first space-to-earth musical collaboration.

The song, “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) was commissioned by CBCMusic.ca,  and  The Coalition for Music Education with the Canadian Space Agency to celebrate music education in schools across Canada.  The choir featured in this video is the Wexford Gleeks – from Wexford Collegiate School for The Arts, from Scarborough, Toronto Ontario Canada. The Director of Wexford Collegiate School for The Arts is Debra Wyles.  Retired Director Peter Marsh made us aware of the name of the school.

Now take a tour of the International Space Station  Continue reading

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