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Farewell to Mervin Edwards – By Eusi Kwayana

Farewell to Mervin Edwards

By Eusi Kwayana

The gathering today is to say farewell to the spirit of a younger villager,  Brother Mervin Edwards, well known as Murro.

You will get the details of his birth and his marriage, and his places of residence; his various occupations between schooldays and maturity and this tragic event of his passing.

His Mother was a hard-working, extremely dignified Woman of Brush Dam.

He had a large supply from birth of natural intelligence which he used as he grew and developed, It is always satisfying to be able to see this kind of sharpness of mind and intelligence coming from the homes of ordinary, poor Guyanese people. There have been times when people, of African descent in particular, were dismissed as being below human capacity.    Continue reading