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Opinion: What future now for Venezuela? – By David Jessop,  

The View from Europe – By David Jessop,  

It is hard to know what the future holds for Venezuela, its opposition leader Juan Guaidó, or the present US-led policy that emphasizes sanctions and isolation.

Recently, as was wholly predictable, President Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela, and allied parties, took 67 per cent of seats in the National Assembly in an election not seen as legitimate by the Washington, the EU, and many Latin American countries. Much of the opposition boycotted the poll and according to President of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council, Indira Alfonzo, only 31 per cent of the country’s 20m registered voters participated.    Continue reading

Nicolás Maduro vs Juan Guaidó: Negotiating a way out of Venezuela’s morass

An agreement that allows chavismo to survive is the only option

The Economist – Print edition | The Americas  Sep 14th 2019

Morale among the clientele is sagging. “Trump is deserting us,” says Pedro Pereira, who abandoned his dairy farm near Lake Maracaibo in 2017 because of threats, extortion and chronic shortages of electricity and animal medicines.            Continue reading

Guyana’s Oil – Rex Tillerson got burned in Venezuela. Then he got revenge.

Rex Tillerson got burned in Venezuela. Then he got revenge.
By Nick Miroff, January 16, 2017
Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson hadn’t been CEO of ExxonMobil very long when the late president Hugo Chavez made foreign oil companies in Venezuela an offer they couldn’t refuse. Give the government a bigger cut, or else.

Most of the companies took the deal. Tillerson refused.

Chavez responded in 2007 by nationalizing ExxonMobil’s considerable assets in the country, which the company valued at $10 billion. The losses were a big blow to Tillerson, who reportedly took the seizure as a personal affront.

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What Next for Venezuela? – By Mark Weisbrot – News Analysis

What Next for Venezuela?

Saturday, 19 December 2015 – By Mark Weisbrot, The Hill | News Analysis

  • Venezuela’s opposition has won a large majority of the country’s legislature, or National Assembly, for the first time in 16 years. Many observers in Washington see this as a tipping point for Venezuelan politics.

What are we to make of this development? First, an endless stream of news articles,newspaper editorials and proclamations — such as from the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) — denouncing the Venezuelan electoral process and insisting on “credible” election monitors (by which they meant OAS monitors beholden to Washington) were wrong. Quoting out-of-context remarks from Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and adding other misleading statements, inaccuracies about “gerrymandering,” and more, they created a fear that the government would not accept the results if it lost.    Continue reading

Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election

Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidential election

Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro

Monday, 15 April 2013 – Demerara Waves

(CARICOM NEWS NETWORK).- CARACAS, Venezuela, Monday April 15, 2013 – Caribbean heads of government breathed a collective sigh of relief on Sunday night as Venezuelans voted to honor Hugo Chavez’s dying wish for Nicolas Maduro to continue his socialist revolution.

Ruling party candidate Nicolas Maduro won Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday with 51 percent of votes, the electoral authority said, allowing him to carry forward the socialist policies of the late Hugo Chavez.

Maduro’s young challenger, Miranda state Governor Henrique Capriles, took 49 percent of the ballots, the authority said, in a tighter-than-expected vote.    Continue reading