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Guyana Independence Dinner/Dance – May 25, 2013 – Toronto

Guyana Festival Committee

Guyana News: Capitol News Updates – 7 videos – April 18, 2013

Guyana News: Capitol News – 7 videos – April 18, 2013

  • 1.25 Billion dollars earmarked for Specialty Hospital is first allocation to be cut from the budget – 18th Apr 2013
  • Opposition slashes Budget Estimates for NCN and GINA – 18th Apr 2013
  • Opposition still willing to engage the Government despite rumours that talks have been suspended – 18th Apr 2013
  • Small and medium scale enterprise owners to get access to funding for development and expansion of their businesses – 18th Apr 2013
  • New Amsterdam, Berbice woman celebrates 100th Birthday – 18th Apr 2013
  • International Press Institute members in Guyana as part of a campaign to rid countries of their Defamation Laws – 18th Apr 2013
  • ‘Firestorm’ set for this weekend at the Princess Hotel – 18th Apr 2013
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Celebrate Independence with Ron Bobb-Semple & Friends – May 25, 2013 – Decatur Georgia

Independence celebration with Ron Bobb-Semple -c

Budget 2013: Old Habits Die Hard – commentary

 Budget 2013:  Old Habits Die Hard


The noise has subsided. Following the presentation of the 2013 budget one section of the Parliamentary opposition, the Alliance For Change, submitted a motion that would allow his party to make amendments to the budget.

Last year, without a motion, the opposition proceeded to implement cuts to the budget and sparked a legal action that only led to a temporary ruling. But there was a caveat to the ruling. The Chief Justice said that he cannot enforce his ruling on the national assembly.

But there should not have been all this hullaballoo because every Member of Parliament should have been au fait with the Standing Orders and with what they are expected to do on behalf of the people. The National Assembly is authorized to amend the budget. The government admits this yet when the amendment was made last year there was a legal challenge.  Continue reading