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Saint Stanislaus College Farm: over 35 years of steady progress

Saint Stanislaus College Farm: over 35 years of steady progress

St. Staislaus College farm

St. Staislaus College Farm

  1. February 25, 2011 By Guyana Times

With increasing concern about global food shortages, over the years the Saint Stanislaus College Farm Complex (SSCF) has been humbly proving its ability to be a major player in ensuring Guyana’s food security.

The SSCF is the only agriculture school farm in the country and is a premiere training institution for agriculture students, technicians and farmers in Guyana.     Continue reading

“A Lonely Voice” – Book of 50 Poems by Naraine Datt

“A Lonely Voice” – 50 Poems by Naraine Datt

Naraine Datt bookThe subjects of Mr. Datt’s poems reflects wide international interests and attitudes, and has enough interest for a wide range of readers. His scope of his subjects includes everything from the nuclear holocaust to domestic issues between man and wife. He expressed liberal sympathies taking up the cause of victimized people whether they are aboriginal Canadians, South African Blacks or Rodney King.   – Professor Birbalsingh from York University.

By combining poignant moments of boyhood experiences, realistic details concerning issues which many of us face his poetry employs richly evocative language and universal themes; social and cultural issues such as racism, welfare and the women’s movement and its impact upon society and world politics. Naraine offers a thought provoking and intriguing examination of one man’s life and his personal growth process.  Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. Pittsburgh. PA.  

Download 10 of the poems here: 10 of 50 POEMS BY NARAINE DATT

Visionary Amerindian leader, Sydney Allicock is a ‘Special Person’

Visionary Amerindian leader, Sydney Allicock is a ‘Special Person’

Sydney Allicock

Sydney Allicock

October 10, 2010 | By KNews | By Neil Marks

“Sydney Allicock is clearly recognised as one of the most respected and dedicated leaders in Guyana and this is clearly seen in the vast number of meetings (nationally and internationally) that he is called on to represent the Indigenous point of view…” – Iwokrama Director

Sydney Allicock has been called a hero; some have even suggested he run for President. The respect he commands is no pretence. He has earned it.
Even if his work wasn’t done silently – since there was always some recognition of what he was doing in the North Rupununi for the advancement of his people – it was his being named the Public & Civic Contributions 2010 Laureate of the Anthony N. Sabga Awards, which catapulted Sydney into the limelight.    Continue reading

Francis Farrier takes a stroll down Carifesta memory lane

nFrancis Farrier takes a stroll down Carifesta memory lane

Stabroek News – July 20, 2008 – Archives | By Nils Campbell

As the time counts down to Carifesta X next month [August 2008], prize-winning Guyanese playwright Francis Quamina Farrier takes a stroll down memory lane to the year 1972 when Guyana launched the first Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts.

Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

With his trademark gleefulness, he serenades with the words of “Welcome to Carifesta“ composed and sung by popular Guyanese calypsonian Lord Canary (Malcolm Corrica):

“Welcome to Carifesta ‘72,
Oh what a great cultural breakthrough…
Carifesta ‘72, Carifesta I’m inviting you
To 22 days of education, frolic and fun,
Carifesta ‘72, Carifesta it’s a big to-do,
We welcome you to CARIFESTA ‘72”

Continue reading

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