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Guyanese Online Blog Entries – October 2012

Guyanese Online Blog Entries – October 2012

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  1. Head of TSU sees need for ‘softer hand’ in protest situations
  2. Learning Foundation for Agricola being established
  3. Beauty and the Beak – video
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  5. Axe FEMA, Romney Says – as Hurricane Sandy Looms
  6. Back to School: A Tribute to Our Past GT Teachers
  7. Online crowd funding works for Grenada school
  9. U.S. Elections: Your Vote Counts
  10. UB40 – 100 music videos – continuous play   Continue reading

Head of TSU sees need for ‘softer hand’ in protest situations

Head of TSU sees need for ‘softer hand’ when responding to protest situations

October 29, 2012. Georgetown Guyana –  Capitol News Video

The Head of the Tactical Services Unit Senior Superintendent Lyndon Alves believes there is the need for some changes to the way the TSU and its riot squad respond to situations that could be considered hostile, situations like protests. He told the Linden Commission of Inquiry that the there is need for a softer hand when responding to situations like the protests which took place in Linden on July 18th.
Alves said in the future there should also be more mediation.

The Linden Commission of Inquiry is also expected to make recommendations about the operations of the Guyana Police Force in wake of the incident on July 18 that resulted in 3 people being shot dead and over 2 dozen others being injured.

Learning Foundation for Agricola being established

Shaquille Grant’s mother working with police, businesses to set up learning foundation

Even as a city magistrate gave police more time to locate two other policemen accused of murdering Agricolan 17-year old Shaquille Grant, his mother is working with Guyanese police to set up a foundation in his name.

Shonette Adams is getting help from the police and the business community to provide blackboards and other necessities. Along with those, she will be joining hands with teachers and other educators to impart knowledge and skills to Agricolan youths.

When Constable Terrence Wallace appeared before Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Monday for a status hearing, Grant’s mother and others this time around did not stage any protests unlike the last occasion when police cordoned off the block.  [more]

Beauty and the Beak – video

Beauty and the Beak – video

The Bald Eagle Beauty’s beak was shot off in Alaska leaving her unable to feed herself. Birds of Prey NW is fitting her with a prosthetic beak. She cannot be released into the wild but will serve as an educational bird showing that human compassion can undue human cruelty. Please visit our website at http://www.birdsofpreynorthwest.org/

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