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Guyana: Capitol News – TV Reports – 06-January 2015

Capitol News – TV Reports – 06-January 2015

  • 120 Kilos cocaine seized on ship destined for Europe
  • Aishalton teacher faces expulsion from village
  • GGMC workers demand 35% increase in salaries
  • Ombudsman says Freddie Kissoon wrongfully dismissed, should be compensated
  • Sports

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120 Kilos cocaine seized on ship destined for Europe  Posted: 06 Jan 2015 01:09 PM PST  Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Reports – 17 July 2013

Capitol News – 17 July 2013

  • Crime Chief reveals that security cameras around the city are not directly monitored by Police, but by the Office of the President
  • Civil Society activist says Amaila Falls Electricity Project will add up to much more than US$840 million
  • Dismissed workers take legal action against the Guyana Energy Agency
  • Government’s relocation plan for Timehri East Bank Demerara residents remains a contentious issue
  • Guyana Teachers Union calls on Parent Teacher’s Association to get more involved in fundraising to lessen financial burden on schools
  • Top Cop calls on Guyanese citizens to be security conscious
  • West Indies Cricket board heartened by the return of Cricket to Guyana after nearly 2 years
Crime Chief reveals that security cameras around the city are not directly monitored by Police, but by the Office of the PresidentPosted: 17 Jul 2013 03:47 PM PDT

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Crime Chief Seelall Persaud has disclosed that surveillance footage gathered by the CCTV cameras set up around the city as part of crime fighting efforts are not kept by the Police, but rather some other security organization operating out of the Office of the President. Seelall could not name that […]

Budget 2013: Pres. Ramotar outlines Government’s priorities – video

Pres. Ramotar speaks about his Government’s priorities – 2013 budget

Capitol News: February 11, 2013 – While the Government and the opposition are meeting to discuss plans and programmes for the upcoming budget, President Donald Ramotar has been shedding some light on how he thinks his administration can improve the quality of life for all Guyanese. The President said the focus will be on a labour market cleaning house, introducing University of Guyana degree programs online, and opening of a young professional’s housing scheme, among others.

He said his Government would also revamp the sugar industry.

But while the President is saying all of this, the opposition wants to see the cost of living go down. The opposition is also looking at accountability.

Guyana and the USA sign anti-corruption and law enforcement agreement

Guyana and the United States sign anti-corruption and law enforcement agreement

Head of TSU sees need for ‘softer hand’ in protest situations

Head of TSU sees need for ‘softer hand’ when responding to protest situations

October 29, 2012. Georgetown Guyana –  Capitol News Video

The Head of the Tactical Services Unit Senior Superintendent Lyndon Alves believes there is the need for some changes to the way the TSU and its riot squad respond to situations that could be considered hostile, situations like protests. He told the Linden Commission of Inquiry that the there is need for a softer hand when responding to situations like the protests which took place in Linden on July 18th.
Alves said in the future there should also be more mediation.

The Linden Commission of Inquiry is also expected to make recommendations about the operations of the Guyana Police Force in wake of the incident on July 18 that resulted in 3 people being shot dead and over 2 dozen others being injured.

Georgetown’s garbage – Citizens say blame game should stop

Citizens believe the blame game should stop and systems put in place to deal with the city’s garbage

As the Georgetown municipality and central government continues to play politics over the affairs of the city, garbage is piling up everywhere.
Some citizens believe that the blame game should stop and systems put in place to deal with the garbage situation.

When Capitol News took its cameras to the streets some citizens  described the situation as shameful and pointed to the bad image it gives to this country.

One resident also  called  for the reopening of the Princess Street incinerator since in his mind things were far better when it was operational.
And some people we spoke with believe  that a collective approach is needed and that the council needs to get more serious with persons who are littering indiscriminately.

City Hall is saying that the lack of finance is severely affecting their daily management of the city.

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