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ANNOUNCEMENT– Guyanese Online Entries – 20 February 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT– Guyanese Online Entries

Hello readers..

Guyanese Online continues. It reached its 14th year of publication this month and now has had over 8 million hits since its inception. It restarted on November 19, 2022 after I recovered from my illness.

Recently, I have taken  11 days off. —  My last entry was on February 8, 2023. I restarted entries today.

Although there are not many comments on the blog it gets about 500 hits daily even if there are no new entries. This increases to over 800 hits when articles are inserted..
The focus will now change slightly as its original purpose was to help Guyanese Associations with their advertisements. Social media like Facebook has made most organizations to have an Internet presence.

As I did earlier,  I will now continue to enter two items daily and hope that my selections are well received. Persons can sign up to receive these entries on a daily basis by subscibing to the Guyanese Online Blog  – see
Thank you for following Guyanese Online.

Cyril Bryan.
Editor. Publisher.

PS: My health is OK. Thank you for your enquiries and the best wishes sent my way.

GUYANA: VACCINE POLITICS – Shouting ‘Fire’ In A Crowded Cinema – by Ralph Ramkarran 

–  – Conversation Tree Blog
News reports on June 17 reveal that 224,853 persons in Guyana, representing 46.2 percent of the targeted adult population had taken the COVID 19 vaccine. Of these 94,243 persons or 19.4 percent have taken the second dose. Region 10 with 14 percent lags far behind the other regions. In all except Region 8, which is at 29.6 percent, more that 40 percent have been vaccinated with at least one dose. Region 6 is at 54 percent and Region 1 is at 55.9 percent.  (See REGIONS MAP below)

Notwithstanding the excellent work that is being done to vaccinate as many people as possible, there are wide reports of vaccination hesitancy among the population. Responsible employers are complaining about significant resistance to the taking of vaccines by staff, which is very concerning. The above figures, particularly for Region 10 should be a cause for serious concern. It is such that the Government has begun house-to-house vaccination in that Region.    Continue reading

Guyana Elections: No talks with APNU+AFC before GECOM declares winner based on vote recount- Jagdeo

Flashback: Jagdeo meets Granger

PPP General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo told News-Talk Radio Guyana 103.1 FM / Demerara Waves Online News that there are no efforts by mediators to bring the two sides to the table.      Continue reading

Guyanese Online: Daily Entries Restarted on June 1. 2020

Hello Everyone:

As Publisher and Editor of Guyanese Online I have decided to RESTART ENTRIES to the blog website.

Mail-outs to the database listing the Latest Entries will also be restarted…. on a weekly basis.

During the two months that we ceased daily entries we still averaged over 1200 views daily, due to the varied content in over 13,400 entries.

In my comments at the end of March I noted that the COVID-19 virus would last for months and would be economically disastrous. No one knows when it would end and what the eventual fallout will be.  I will be posting a number of articles on this.

The Guyana political situation is still in limbo. I am sure everyone is following the latest news in the daily newspapers. 

Thank you for visiting the website, and a special thank you to those who have helped financially to keep this website online.



Cyril Bryan. Editor/ Publisher

Notice: Publishing of All Blog Website Entries Suspended

Hello Everyone:

The Publisher and Editor of Guyanese Online has decided to suspend ALL ENTRIES to the blog website until further notice.

Mail-outs to the database are also suspended.

Thank you for visiting the website.



Cyril Bryan. Editor/ Publisher

Guyanese Online Announcement: Political Entries and Comments


As from today, there will be no more entries in Guyanese Online that relate to politics in Guyana, the USA, or any other country. Readers are encouraged to go elsewhere to the many news outlets available.

Readers would understand that the divisive nature of many political news items and commentaries will not help any country in these perilous times. It is now believed that the worldwide reactions to the Coronavirus pandemic will cause the meltdown in economies worldwide and these will be accompanied by social disruptions. This emergency will last for months and many countries, businesses and organizations will not recover.

From now on, therefore, this blog will concentrate with renewed focus on helping Guyanese Associations worldwide with their projects. This was the original reason for creating this website in February 2010.

Please refrain from posting any more comments to previous political articles., as they will be deleted.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Cyril Bryan

Editor  / Publisher. Guyanese Online

Guyanese Online Celebrated its 10th Anniversary – February 2020. 

Guyanese Online Celebrated its 10th Anniversary – February 2020. 

         Published by Cyril Bryan –

  • The first entry in Guyanese Online was published on February 9, 2010.
  • At midnight on February 8, 2020 the total hits to date were 6,620,655. Total Posts or Entries were 13,254.
  • This website and the regular mail-outs are viewed by thousands of Guyanese and others, especially in the Diaspora.
  • We hope that Guyanese Online has been helpful in advertising the work of Guyanese Associations worldwide.        
  • We also hope that you have enjoyed the news, articles, and  commentaries on various subjects that relate to Guyana, the Caribbean Region and Internationally

Cyril Bryan 2020

We thank all those who have contributed to make this website a success.

Most of all we thank the Associations and individuals who have made donations to ensure its viability over the years. 

WE CONTINUE TO SERVE    Continue reading

Guyanese Online: Entries List for September 13, 2019

Here is the Guyanese Online List of Entries for September 13, 2019

Click links below for list of entries:

Previous lists are at the link below:

Guyana Berbice Association: Annual Caribana Dance -Toronto- August 3, 2019

Download Flyer: Guyana Berbice Association CARIBANA Dance



February 9, 2017: The Guyanese Online blog celebrated its seventh anniversary today.

On this day the Blog showed the following statistics:  Over 4,655,000 hits to date;  8,644 blog entries and 2486 followers who receive copies of blog entries as they are published.  There is also a mailing list of some 10,000 names who receive a list of the latest Guyanese Online blog entries every 4-5 days. Send me an email if you want to receive this list.

We thank you for your visiting this blog as well as your comments.  Most of all we thank those persons and Associations who have submitted articles and advertisements for publication.

Cyril Bryan. Publisher and Editor.

More info on the history of Guyanese Online at this LINK

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