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CSIS “The Guyanese Diaspora” reaffirms the need for a diaspora portal:

— GuyanaWorx launched and ready

The Washington based Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) recently launched a report on “The Guyanese Diaspora”

Its “Key Recommendation” is “to work collectively and deliberately to establish broader communications, engagement, and collaboration between Guyana and the diaspora… this initiative should be based on a comprehensive digital strategy to harness the human capital within the Guyanese diaspora as a resource to be tapped in Guyana’s development.

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GUYANESE ONLINE – est. February 2010 -10th Anniversary 2020

The Guyanese Online Blog: Tenth Anniversary – February 2020

Now over seven Million views

Guyanese Online Celebrated its 10th Anniversary – February 2020.

Published by Cyril Bryan – cybryan@gmail.com

  • The first entry in Guyanese Online was published on February 9, 2010.

  • At midnight on February 8, 2020 the total hits to date were 6,620,655. Total Posts or Entries were 13,254.
  • This website and the regular mail-outs are viewed by thousands of Guyanese and others, especially in the Diaspora.
  • We hope that Guyanese Online has been helpful in advertising the work of Guyanese Associations worldwide.        
  • We also hope that you have enjoyed the news, articles, and  commentaries on various subjects that relate to Guyana, the Caribbean Region and Internationally.         

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In his keynote address at the Thank You gala reception on September 12, 2015 in Toronto, President  David Granger appealed to the Guyanese Diaspora in Canada to come home to help redevelop the country. I had compiled the attached report entitled “Prospects for Guyana” as a roadmap for the development of Guyana. The report is timely in view of President Granger’s remarks. I would appreciate it if the report can be distributed to interested parties in Guyana.

This report is intended to serve as a roadmap for the development of Guyana. It is a compilation of ideas from my archives and from blog postings on the Guyanese Online newsletters which are gratefully acknowledged. I plan to submit the report to the Guyana government with the recommendation that they tap into the Guyanese Diaspora for experience, expertise and investment. They can start by establishing a liaison office to facilitate communication between and the Diaspora and Guyana.  Continue reading

Where Are You From? I hear an accent! – By Lear Matthews + 4 videos

Where Are You From? I hear an accent! –  By Lear Matthews

The question, “where are you from? You have an accent” is one that is quite familiar to immigrants.  The stimulus for such a query is usually based on one’s speech pattern, accent or other linguistic attributes that appear to be different or “foreign.”  A good friend told me that his initial inclination is to respond by saying “Earth! Where are you from?” when asked this question.  But he quickly declared that because he was raised to be polite, he exercises self restraint, empathy and diplomacy.

He further stated that his response may be followed by pointing out to the questioner that she/he too has an “accent”.   Continue reading

Researcher seeks information on Afro-Guyanese culture – letter

African History Month – February

Researcher seeks information on Afro-Guyanese culture – letter

Afro-Guyanese Americans are Hungry for their Spiritual Heritage!

Dear Sir and Readers,

I’m an American-born person in the Guyanese Diaspora, writing today with a plea for cultural knowledge. I must first admit, however, that I am mostly ignorant of the life experiences of Guyanese nationals, and am only vaguely aware of the cultural and political problems of the country.  However, I’m Guyanese enough to know that they do exist, and that they are huge problems affecting the lives of many, particularly within the Black community.

With that said, I am proud of my Afro-Guyanese heritage, and the African heritage that preceded it. As an independent researcher, it is a bit of an obsession of mine to try and connect various traditional cultural aspects of Afro-Guyanese back to the varied practices of those from the African continent. This includes African-based religious practices exclusive to Guyana like Comfa and Faithism.   Continue reading

CANE ROVERS by Trev Sue-A-Quan – book release

CANE ROVERS by Trev Sue-A- Quan

Cane Rovers is the third book in the series describing the experiences of the Chinese associated with Guyana. It is a collection of stories describing the experiences of the Chinese-Guyana as migrants to other countries .

Cane Rovers is a 352-page book with 135 illustrations, published by Cane Press.

 Odeen Ishmael, Ambassador of Guyana to the State of Kuwait and formerly Ambassador to the USA, the OAS and Venezuela writes:

Anyone following Trev Sue-A-Quan’s research into the history of his Chinese ancestors and compatriots as they migrated from China to Guyana, and later to other lands, will be profoundly astounded by the voluminous facts he has accumulated and woven together to produce the most valuable accounts that have enriched our knowledge and culture. At the same time, they have instilled in us a spirit of determination that anyone can succeed in any enterprise or challenge that may arise in life.

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GUYANA – “Festival of Colours” launched to boost tourism

GUYANA – “Festival of Colours” launched to boost tourism

It’s the first of a series of tourism packages aimed at the Guyanese Diaspora.

Sunday, 29 January 2012 –

holi_groupThe government of Guyana has launched a new initiative to boost tourism by about 20 per cent. It’s sponsoring a special package themed “Festival of Colours” from March 2 – 9, 2012 to coincide with the annual Holi/Phagwah festival, which was brought to the country in the 19th century by Indian indentured labourers.

The aim of the project is to get Guyanese living abroad to come home for the week and rediscover ‘home’. It’s the first of a series of tourism packages aimed at the Guyanese Diaspora.

Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali told local media, “We are targeting overseas based Guyanese directly, to come home to rediscover and enjoy the cultural activities in their home.” He added that “there will be a package available for the week-long activities.” Continue reading



By  Waltie Ainsworth                  11 21 2011

Gratitude is the foundation of families and this year’s thanksgiving feast, will be both awkward and stressful as immigrant comrades and cells from the Caribbean  try to redefine and re-identify themselves as America reboots in the midst of a financial crisis.  Traditionally, thanksgiving is about the jert (food) and finding a seat at the communal table but the reality dictates a certain inner strength and willpower.  We have seen more difficult times and this is just another as we network and show our network by communing together.     Continue reading

Guyanese poet Maggie Harris publishes autobiography

Guyanese poet Maggie Harris publishes autobiography

By Steve Knight, chief county reporter Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kent News  – kentnews.co.uk  –  source link here

Maggie Harris Home page   http://www.maggieharris.co.uk/index.html

An award-winning poet who grew up in Guyana says she hopes her new autobiography will help promote better cultural understanding.

Maggie Harris, 57, who immigrated to England in 1971 and now lives in Broadstairs, has published her memoir ‘Kiskadee Girl’ thanks in part to a £6,000 grant from Arts Council England.

The book explores Caribbean culture as well as the influences relatives from other backgrounds had on her early life.

“As an adult in the UK, my growing up in Guyana played a surreal role in my mind,” said Maggie. “But it also seemed to have no significance for my children and I began to wonder how many children of migrant parents were losing out on their ancestral culture.                    Continue reading

COME BACK TO GUYANA – November 1-10, 2011 – from Toronto


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