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Is Lincoln Lewis the Black version of White fascism? -By Freddie Kissoon

Freddie Kissoon | Features / Columnists Kaieteur News

I read Lincoln Lewis column in last Sunday’s Kaieteur News and the first question that flashed through my mind was if I was the editor for that day, would I have carried that piece? I probably would not.

As I kept reading this commentary all I could have thought of was how easy it is to fall prey to the virus of misplaced nationalism. Lewis’s presentation is directly out of the songbook of white fascism that is sweeping Europe and the USA. When you read Lewis, you wonder if he was in fact plagiarizing the words of the Trump, the Brexit advocates in the UK and those who presently rule Italy, Hungary and other countries that are implementing fascist xenophobia.          

Lincoln Lewis has been a friend for more than forty years. I didn’t expect that state of mind from him. I would never have thought that Lincoln could use the kind of canvas he painted to describe foreigners coming to Guyana to live and work.        Continue reading

Chinese: Margery Kirkpatrick reflects on her ancestors

Chinese: 160th anniversary of the first immigrants to British Guiana.

Margery Kirkpatrick reflects on her ancestors

By Oluatoyin Alleyne – Stabroek News-  February 5, 2013 

This year marks the 160th anniversary of the arrival of the first Chinese in Guyana. Stabroek News commemorates the occasion with the publication here of some historical features (reprinted from earlier editions of our newspaper) and an interview with a descendant of the original Chinese immigrants, as well as with a representative of more recent arrivals to these shores.

Margery Kirkpatrick

Margery Kirpatrick

When Loo Shee left her homeland China in 1861 it was in desperation and to ensure that she saved the lives of her three children and herself as her husband and many others had been killed. 

She arrived in Guyana on May 12, 1861 and quickly remarried, interestingly, to a man who was once part of the group that slaughtered Chinese back in China but who later fled because he himself was being sought. With him she bore more children.

Continue reading

CANE ROVERS by Trev Sue-A-Quan – book release

CANE ROVERS by Trev Sue-A- Quan

Cane Rovers is the third book in the series describing the experiences of the Chinese associated with Guyana. It is a collection of stories describing the experiences of the Chinese-Guyana as migrants to other countries .

Cane Rovers is a 352-page book with 135 illustrations, published by Cane Press.

 Odeen Ishmael, Ambassador of Guyana to the State of Kuwait and formerly Ambassador to the USA, the OAS and Venezuela writes:

Anyone following Trev Sue-A-Quan’s research into the history of his Chinese ancestors and compatriots as they migrated from China to Guyana, and later to other lands, will be profoundly astounded by the voluminous facts he has accumulated and woven together to produce the most valuable accounts that have enriched our knowledge and culture. At the same time, they have instilled in us a spirit of determination that anyone can succeed in any enterprise or challenge that may arise in life.

 Contents        Continue reading

The Arrival of the Chinese in British Guiana

The Arrival of the Chinese in British Guiana

This article was published in the May 2010 edition of the Guyanese Online Newsletter.

Even though the planters in Guyana had expressed interest in introducing Chinese labourers since Emancipation, it was not until 1851 that such recruitment first began.

Because of the long travel distance from China, at first Chinese were not recruited since it was cheaper to transport Indians. While it cost a planter 13 British pounds to transport an Indian labourer from Calcutta or Ma-dras, the cost was 15 pounds to transport a Chinese immigrant from any of the Chinese ports. But because of the growing need for labourers for the sugar estates, some planters decided to recruit Chinese especially during the period between 1848 and 1851 when Indian immigration was suspended.   Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletter

Guyanese Online – May 2010 < click to download

In This Issue:

  • Pg01-  Award: President Jagdeo gets highest UN award.: Masthead Picture:  Kaieteur Falls with links.
  • Pg02- Editorial;   “On the street where I lived” by Peter Halder;   BBC radio program on Race (listen)
  • Pg03- Tourism News Items;  List and links of  Hotels. Eco-lodges and tour companies in Guyana.
  • Pg04 – Guest Editorial – “Tourism Policy”
  • Pg05 – Pg06   – Guyana News: including a list of news links
  • Pg07- Commentary – “The Bartica Triangle- Door to the Interior”  by Peter Ramsaroop.
  • Pg08 – Associations – Queen’s College Alumni- Toronto Chapter –
  • Pg09 – Pg10 –  Associations– News
  • Pg11 – Arts and Culture – “Tastes Like Home”
  • Pg12 – Arts and Culture – News
  • Pg13 – Business – “Leadership and Vision” by William (Bill) King
  • Pg14 – Historical: Historic New Amsterdam
  • Pg15 – Historical: The Arrival of the Chinese in British Guiana
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