GUYANA – “Festival of Colours” launched to boost tourism

GUYANA – “Festival of Colours” launched to boost tourism

It’s the first of a series of tourism packages aimed at the Guyanese Diaspora.

Sunday, 29 January 2012 –

holi_groupThe government of Guyana has launched a new initiative to boost tourism by about 20 per cent. It’s sponsoring a special package themed “Festival of Colours” from March 2 – 9, 2012 to coincide with the annual Holi/Phagwah festival, which was brought to the country in the 19th century by Indian indentured labourers.

The aim of the project is to get Guyanese living abroad to come home for the week and rediscover ‘home’. It’s the first of a series of tourism packages aimed at the Guyanese Diaspora.

Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali told local media, “We are targeting overseas based Guyanese directly, to come home to rediscover and enjoy the cultural activities in their home.” He added that “there will be a package available for the week-long activities.”

The partners in the project include the government, Trinidad & Tobago’s national airline, Caribbean Airlines and local hotels. Toegther they will offer a package that includes airfare and hotel accommodation.

Ali said the packaging of activities around the rich Guyanese culture would help boost the country’s tourism industry.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Indranauth Haralsingh, said they targeted March because of the lull in visitors during that period, which coincides with the week-long Indian festivity.

“An activity of this nature will aid the tourism sector’s objective or surpassing the tourist arrival figure for 2011,” he suggested.  Some 126,313 visitors arrived here between January to October 2011, a 0.8 per cent increase from the previous year, according to figures from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation.


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  • Helen  On 01/31/2012 at 1:24 am

    This tourism boost should have been scheduled to coincide with a truly Guyanese cultural festival that encompasses and represents all Guyanese. Instead it will be showcasing one element of the Guyanese diaspora, namely the East Indian Guyanese. I don’t know who came up with this bright idea but I’m sorry to say that they’re totally out of step with the changes that Guyanese expect to occur in a United Guyana.

  • M.O. Okker, Rijksstraatweg 211, 9752 BH Haren, Netherlands.  On 01/31/2012 at 2:23 pm

    From 1950-1961 I was employed by Bookers Sugar Estates as Senior Chemist/Factory Manager, first at Port Mourant and later at Enmore Sugar Factory. I was a bachelor during my first 3-years trip and when on leave I married in Holland and both my wife and I have very happy memories of our stay. Our children were born there and I often spoke about returning to Guyana for a holiday with the children, so that they may see the country where they were born.
    So far there was no opportunity, as the price of flights and the hotel costs were prohibitive. I am now 82 years of age and my children are 57 and 50, but we are still very interested in coming to Guyana and we wonder whether a package tour can be the answer to our dreams. Please keep me informed.M.O. Okker.

  • Bobbie  On 01/31/2012 at 7:59 pm

    The Minister of Tourism fails to realise that Guyana does not belong to any one race.On several occassions Guyana has been and still is being peddled in some quarters that Guyana is an Indian state. This does not auger well for nation building.The mere fact that this festival will be organised to coincide with Pagwah shows the underlying racist element of the initiators of this festival.
    Is this move to discourage Indian Guyanese from abroad coming to celebrate Mashramani which is a national celebration,but seen by persons like the tourism minister as an Afro Guyanese !

  • Farhaud Amin  On 02/01/2012 at 3:27 pm

    This is only a thought, this festival is celebrated all around the world where Guyanese lives, why would me as Guyanese want to come to Guyana , where the city stinks, the security is questionable, the emergency care is almost nil, and the trust and confidence are not present in many cases, the whole pot and players have to first prove that what Guyana is offering is better than what is enjoyed where they now call home, they it could be entertain, right now it is a tums down situation, there are Guyanese living in Guyana would are very capable of making significant contribution towards, but is not given the chance, so see if you want to fetch your bags and you might less red tape to make things better and more attractive, what about EID and Christmas, and mash occasions?

  • Chuck  On 02/04/2012 at 6:16 am

    I agree with most of the comments here. I left Guyana in 1979 and I went back 3xs, in 1984,1988 and then again in 2002. Guyana has changed a lot, however we need to concentrate, if we want to make Guyana attractive, we need to improve on the things that will make Guyanese wanting to come back to our beloved country. Here are a few things that I would like to see improved. The airport and it’s facilities, the power issues, why are we still getting black outs, someone mentioned security, that needs to be better. I can go on and on. But as a power production engineer, I would sure like to come to Guyana and make some suggestions on how we can make Guyana an attractive place to come and visit instead of going to Mexico or T&T or some other place in the Caribbean. Just my thoughts on this matter.
    PS: I love my country and we need to do much better than we’re going.

  • de castro  On 02/05/2013 at 3:51 am

    a divided nation is a “weak” (vulnerable) nation…

    “one peoples one nation one destiny”

    GUYANA needs re-branding even a name change …
    but the change must come from “inside” influenced by what is happening “internationally” …
    You look at your neighbours BRAZIL VENEZUELA SURINAME
    first and foremost then LATIN AMERICA USA EUROPE et al

    Stop seeing the leaves trees and start seeing the forrest….
    think global and act local………..

    GUYANA will change
    GUYANA is changing
    GUYANA must change…50 years ago GUYANA was born..where are we today ?


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